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Bought for my 4y.o daughter

She seems to enjoy it very well

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Best bed I have ever had

I am completely thrilled with the sleeping duck mattress. It is the most comfortable bed I have ever owned. Shoulder pains disappeared after the first night. Hip and back pain has greatly improved too. It is so life changing to actually gain a good solid sleep each night, wake up so much happier. I would highly recommend the Sleeping Duck mattress to any one, it most definitely is the absolute best mattress one could buy. Great job Sleeping Duck. Thank you so much.

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Best sleep in ages

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Best decision ever made

I bought 2 x single mattresses for my kids (teenagers) as their existing ones were so old.

It was the best decision we ever made. I was afraid if we bought from a store that we wouldn't be able to return them if the kids didn't like it. With the SD guarantee I felt comfortable purchasing because if the kids didn't like them it would be easy to do. They really enjoyed opening the boxes and watching them inflate and both have said they're the most comfortable mattresses ever.

Through out the whole process there was clear communication and the post purchase follow up is excellent.

I highly recommend

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Love our sleeping duck mattress and pillows!

Love our sleeping duck mattress and pillows!

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Upgraded from a queen to king size bed went with the duck mattress. Surprised at how good it is.

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Amazing Customer Service

Very prompt and friendly customer service and no issue was too difficult. Very happy customer

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Never go back , I am yours forever

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We will never buy a mattress from a furniture store again!

I was one of the skeptics. It's the internet, so they could be stacking the reviews and no-one would know, right? After trying several Australian made, chiropractor endorsed mattress types; we just got sick of the same person sized indents that occur after the first 18 months. It's not my fault I sleep soundly in the same position every night - but sleeping in an indent roughly the same size and shape of myself (even after turning the mattress religiously), gets tiresome - pun intended.

So the reviews are not staged - I am a real person, with real back and hip issues, comparing my experience of buying from both major Australian furniture chains and locally owned small furniture stores, and I have been recommending to all my friends that next time they buy a mattress, they buy a duck.

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My Sleeping Duck

I have arthritis and I was getting desperate to get a solid sleep without waking in.pain every few hours.

I decided to try Sleeping Duck after seeing some on line advertisements.

OMG so amazingly comfy, however because of my arthritis and weight it was too hard for me to move in my bed so I was back to restless sleeps, even though my bed was the most comfy bed I'd ever experienced.

Sleeping Duck contacted me to see how I was enjoying my new bed, I reported that although the mattress was incredibly comfy I was no better off sleep satisfaction wise.

Sleepung Duck immediately came to my rescue by suggesting I try their firm insert, and within a week it was at my door, no 3xtra charge AND I got to keep the original insert in case I ever wanted to use it.

The new insert was very firm, I could sleep longer maybe 4 hours? But I was still waking in pain, I decided to put the softer foam ontop of the mattress under my underlay, and now I feel like I've got the perfect mattress for me, I can move easily, I can sleep for longer, and although I still wake with aches and pain, its no where near the scale that it was.

Thankyou Sleeping Duck for having such amazing customer service and such a deliciously comfy copy bed.

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