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4.8/5 (1,500+)

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Top rated mattress in recent CHOICE tests, 3 years running

Best bootstrapped startup 2018

2000+ 5 star reviews

What's inside

The Sleeping Duck Pro Mattress is designed to deliver cloud like comfort and support.

4 unique layers that work with you.

Bamboo cover

  • Maximum breathability
  • Soft and silky to touch
  • Natural anti-microbial properties that keep it fresher for longer

Hyper-Adaptive® foam

  • Combines the pressure relieving property of memory foam with the buoyancy of latex.
  • Enhance the feeling of weightlessness
  • 8 times more breathable than latex and memory foam
  • Made in Australia

Customisable high density foam

  • High density polyurethane foam controls the firmness
  • GECA seal of approval

5 zone pocket springs

  • 5 zone support to make sure every part of our mattress is wonderfully comfortable
  • Springs act entirely independently
  • Zero partner disturbance technology

How Sleeping Duck works

  1. Choose between Medium or Firm initially.
  2. If the first choice doesn't work, change your firmness—free of charge in the first 100 nights.
  3. If we can't get it right for you—we'll organise the pick-up and give you a full refund. No hidden costs.

Which firmness is right for me?

We do the research so you can do the sleeping.

The suggestions below are to help with your initial choice.

Still unsure? Try our firmness level quiz


  • Suitable for side sleepers
  • Sinks in slightly while still being supportive
  • Approximate 6/10 firmness rating
  • Wake up feeling cosy and well rested


  • Suitable for back sleepers
  • Approximate 8/10 firmness rating
  • Still feels cloud like while maintaining a strong level of support

Half medium, half firm

  • Half medium (white)
  • Half firm (purple)
  • Ideal for couples who have different firmness preferences

It's all about you

Not to sound selfish...

Finding your soul mate is great, but it doesn't mean you have to compromise on your sleep.

We've made it simple: A half-half mattress.

Now you get to choose your preferred firmness without upsetting your significant other, and they can do the same.

Just select half-half under the firmness option with any queen or king and you'll receive a Sleeping Duck Pro set up with half medium and half firm inside.

Extra support for your lower back

How we solve common pain points

The key to waking pain free is ensuring you get pressure relief in your sore spots and the right level of support where you need it.

Generally our initial medium and firm choices solve most issues, but if you're still having problems we can customise the mattress even further depending on your issue.

Back pain
Shoulder pain
Hip pain

Zero partner disturbance

No more interrupted sleep

Simply put, our combination of individually pocketed springs and high quality foam will eliminate any form of disturbance during the night.

Sleep to the very edge

Reinforced edges for extra support

With reinforced edges you can sleep to the very edge of the mattress without feeling like you're going to fall off. It makes a queen mattress feel like a king!

You can sleep right to the edge and not feel like you're falling off. More space for better sleep.

Sleep 8 times cooler

No more sweating during the night

Made in Australia, we expand our foams with pressure, instead of chemicals. This ensures they are significantly more open and breathable than any other foam on the market.

What does this mean for you?

You will achieve the Goldilocks sleep temperature zone—not too hot, not too cold.

100 nights

Every Sleeping Duck mattress comes with a 100 night trial. It includes free delivery, free returns and free firmness changes.

Free delivery & returns
Free firmness adjustments

With you every step of the way

Our customer service team goes above and beyond.

We aren't here to sell you a mattress, we're here to help you get better sleep.

That's why we check in regularly to ensure our product is giving you the quality sleep that we all deserve.

Buying a mattress
Sleeping Duck
How to buy

Waste your whole weekend at retail stores

Online or over the phone from the comfort of your own home


Touch and feel in store only for 15 minutes. Stuck with it after you buy—even if you're unhappy with it.

Bring it home, sleep in it, cuddle in it and live in it for 100 nights.

Free firmness adjustments, free delivery and free returns.


High risk, no trial and no returns

No risk—if you don't like it within 100 nights, we'll pick it up free of charge and give you a full refund


No contact after purchase

  • We check in 40 nights after your purchase to see if you need any adjustments
  • Arranging firmness adjustments takes 2 minutes via email or phone
  • If you're still having issues we’ll organise for your mattress to be picked up and your money fully refunded

10 year warranty

What to expect: No sagging or dipping

We take pride in the quality of our mattress. To simulate 10 years of use, our entire mattress and individual components are put through a series of compression tests—a heavy roller that expels 1400N of force 30,000 times—to ensure it maintains height and resilience. We back this up with our 10 year warranty.

Read in detail on our warranty page

Made local

In designing all our foams we partnered with an Australian chemical engineering and manufacturing plant to make sure we were able to achieve the most unique product on the market. It also means we get to sleep on the job a lot. You know, for the sake of the product. So we all win here.

Made healthy

Sleep is healthy. So are the ways we manufacture our mattresses. To create all our foams, we use the most advanced foam making process in the world, Pressure Foaming. It uses pressure expansion rather than chemical reactions to expand the foam, making it a safer, healthier, and happier way to manufacture.

Tech specs

Dimensions and weight:

188 x 92 x 31cm

32 kg

King single

203 x 107 x 31cm

35 kg


188 x 138 x 31cm

42 kg


203 x 153 x 31cm

48 kg


203 x 183 x 31cm

60 kg


Our foams have been assessed to meet environmental, human health and ethical impact criteria.

Country of origin

Foams made in Australia, mattress assembled in China


10 year warranty


We offer an Australia wide shipping service for all our products. If in stock items are usually dispatched from Melbourne on the next business day. Deliveries take place Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm.

Shipping costs

Shipping and returns in Australia are free.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know what firmness is right for me?

There is no exact science for this so we recommend starting with a firmness that you have previously enjoyed.

If you are unsure, we have found our medium suits side-sleepers. You'll sink slightly into our medium mattress. It's not too soft however so you'll still be well supported. If you tend to sleep on your back and experience non-specific back pain we recommend our firm mattress. It has less give so you won't sink into the mattress.

If you and your partner have different preferences, we offer a half-half split so you can choose medium for one side and firm for the other. This change can only be made after the initial 21 day period.

Our goal is to ensure you get the best night's sleep possible so if your initial firmness is not correct you can swap it free of charge within your 100 night trial.

What's the difference between medium and firm?

You'll sink slightly into our medium mattress. It is not soft and on the firmer side of medium.

Our firm mattress has less give so you won't sink into the mattress

if we were to put our firmness on a scale it would be something like this:

a medium would be a 5.5/10 And a firm would be a 8/10

please note perception of firmness varies.

How does a firmness swap work?

The mattress is modular, so the cover can be unzipped, and pieces can be taken in and out. The firmness of the mattress is controlled by a piece of foam in the top layer.

If you would like to change your firmness we send you a replacement for the firmness piece.

All you need to do is get in touch with us and complete a simple online form and we will send you the relevant pieces.

There will be a 3 week adjustment period when you get your new mattress. It takes time for your body to adjust to a new sleeping surface, and for the mattress to adjust to your body's natural contours. This is why you need to try the mattress for at least 3 weeks before you make any firmness adjustments or start the returns process.

How do returns work?

If within the 100 night trial you aren't completely satisfied with your mattress we do offer a return and refund.

You'll need to get in touch, complete an online form and we'll then pass your details onto a local charity or recycler who will contact you directly to organise pickup. After the pickup is confirmed, we'll refund your money.

There will be a 3 week adjustment period when you get your new mattress. It takes time for your body to adjust to a new sleeping surface, and for the mattress to adjust to your body's natural contours. This is why you need to try the mattress for at least 3 weeks before you make any firmness adjustments or start the returns process.

What bed base should I use with my Sleeping Duck mattress?
Mattress size:
Slatted bed base

A slatted base with no more than 8cm gaps between each slat is ideal. The base should not bow under the weight of the mattress and user(s). The Sleeping Duck base is ideal.

If using a queen bed base, we strongly advise that your bed base has 1 supportive beam and with two legs attached to the beam.

See warranty page for more detail

Firm flat surface

Any firm flat and continuous surface is great for the mattress. The floor is a good example of this.
Ensembles and sprung bases do not work well as they don't provide continuous support for our spring system.

If using a queen bed base, we strongly advise that your bed base has 1 supportive beam and with two legs attached to the beam.

See warranty page for more detail

How should I care for my Sleeping Duck mattress?

Our bamboo topper can be spot cleaned (with warm soapy water, remember to dry it out completely afterwards).

Mattress rotation

We recommend rotating your mattress once a month for the first 4-6 months, and then just a few times a year from then on.

Let's chat

Questions? Comments? Duck facts? We'd love to hear from you!