Good Sleep For All

All creatures great and small deserve to sleep happy. Even if they drool, bark and sometimes break things. Which is why we’ve designed and engineered the perfect place for your special furry friend to get some shut-eye after digging up your garden. Our advanced and unique AntiGravity® foam found in our human-sized mattresses ensures maximum comfort and restful naps.

DogBed Background Image
A sleepy Spanador dog resting their head on the edge of the Sleeping Duck Dog Bed.

Made Healthy

Our advanced foam manufacturing technique uses pressure expansion rather than chemical reactions, making them safer, healthier and happier way to produce foams. Better for you, better for your dog.

Dog Bed lining covered in water droplets.

Water Resistant. Pee Resistant.

We’ve designed the inside lining of our dog bed to be water resistant. So it can survive being left out in the gentle rain or copping a light sprinkle from your overexcited puppy. In either case, simply move it to a dry spot, unzip the outer cover and let it dry. Just like water off a duck’s back.

Close-up of the velvet Dog Bed cover.

Washes Easily

Unlike your dog, washing your Duck is easy. Simply unzip the cover from the base of the bed, remove the foam body and hand wash the cover in warm, soapy water. Allow to air dry in the shade, and pour yourself a drink. You've earned it.

Close-up of the Dog Bed hidden zip.

No More Scratched Floors.

Well, not by us, anyway. The base of your Sleeping Duck Dog Bed features hidden zips, pointing inwards. This means your floors and your dog’s teeth will be protected. Now, what to do about their fascination with the vacuum cleaner?

Product FAQ

Does the dog bed come with a 100 Night Guarantee?

While our dog bed is a comfort item, it's hard to check if our furry friends like it.

Once the dog bed is open, we won't be able to facilitate a return and refund. However, if the bed is still in its original packaging, we can organise a return and refund up to 14 days after your delivery.

It's important to consider the correct dog bed sizing for your pampered pup. This includes the size of the room it will be in, and whether your dog sleeps curled up, or spread out. We recommend checking the measurements to make sure you have the correct sizing for your needs.

What is the sizing for the Dog Bed?

We sell our Dog Bed in three sizes:

  • Small: 66cm x 48cm x 15cm
  • Medium: 84cm x 64cm x 15cm
  • Large: 115cm x 90cm x 15cm

For more information, feel free to reach out to our team at SDHQ!

How do I care for my dog bed?

We know it can be challenging to keep a Dog Bed clean, so we've tried our best to make it as easy as possible!

The Cover

For spills or stains, we recommend removing the cover using the zip on the underside of the bed. You'll find the start of the zip tucked under the zip protector.

Once removed, you can wash the cover on a warm, gentle machine wash cycle. Alternatively, you can hand wash the cover with warm soapy water for the occasional spot clean. To dry, hang the cover in the shade.

The Foam

If the spill has soaked through the cover, make sure to dry the foam coverings underneath. The foams inside are not designed to be washed or spot cleaned, but the outer casing can be removed so the foam can be vacuumed if necessary. If the foams are wet, make sure to air dry these out of direct sunlight.

We only recommend spot cleaning the foam casing and drying in the shade as they have not been tested for machine washing and may be damaged through the process.

If your furry friend has damaged the cover beyond repair, please get in touch with our SDHQ team to discuss your options.

When can I get delivery?

Provided we have the products in stock, we dispatch all orders within 1-2 business days of being placed. For smaller items we send orders via Australia Post, and transit times may vary depending on your area.

Once your order is on the way, we'll send an email with your tracking number. For more information about our deliveries, we recommend reading our delivery FAQs.