Sleeping Duck Dog Bed

Made for dogs, not ducks. Engineered for a great nap – just like our Sleeping Duck mattresses for humans.

Size: 66 x 48 x 15cm

Good sleep for all

All creatures great and small deserve to sleep happy. Even if they drool, bark and sometimes break things. Which is why we've designed and engineered the perfect place for your special furry friend to get some shut-eye after digging up your garden. Our advanced and unique Hyper-Adaptive® foam found in our human-sized mattresses—ensures maximum comfort and restful naps.

It's a healthy deal

Sleep is essential. So are good manufacturing processes. Take our foams, for example, created with the most advanced foam making process in the world – Pressure Foaming. Produced using pressure expansion rather than nasty chemicals, it’s a safer, healthier and happier way to manufacture.

Better for you, better for your dog.

Water resistant.
Pee resistant.

Nobody likes wet foam. Which is why we've designed the inside lining of your dog bed to be completely water resistant. So, if it gets left out in the rain, or cops a spill from your overexcited puppy, simply move it to a dry spot, unzip the outer cover and let it dry. Just like water off a duck’s back.

Washes easily

Unlike your dog, washing your Duck is easy. Simply unzip the cover from the base of the bed, remove the foam body and hand wash the cover in warm, soapy water. Allow to air dry in the shade, and pour yourself a drink. You've earned it.

Thou shall commit no scratched floors.

Well, not by us, anyway. The base of your Sleeping Duck Dog Bed features hidden zips, pointing inwards. This means your floors and dogs teeth will be protected. Now, what to do about their fascination with the vacuum cleaner?