Softest, Most Breathable, Washable Cover.
Superior comfort

Superior comfort to
mattress protectors

Fully refreshable

Fully refreshable, to
remove dust and skin flakes

Protects your mattress

Protects your mattress
foams from moisture

Practical convenience

Practical convenience -
change it like you do your sheets

No more sleeping in dust.
Keep your mattress fresh like new.
And fully protected. Always.

The BreatheTech™ Cover is an interchangeable, machine washable replacement cover for your Sleeping Duck mattress, that makes it far more refreshable and hygienic than traditional mattresses.

Over time, mattress covers accumulate dust and skin flakes. This BreatheTech™ interchangeable cover, developed by Sleeping Duck gives you the ability to protect the mattress, and refresh it whenever you like, all while letting you continue to fully experience the benefits of the ultrasoft bamboo knitted surface, without impeding its cutting edge benefits with a separate mattress protector.

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The Problem with Mattress Protectors. image

The Problem with Mattress Protectors.

Separate or external mattress protectors provide a barrier between your body and the mattress which impedes your ability to fully experience the benefits of the mattress.

We've invested a lot in making our cover great to sleep on. So it doesn’t make sense to compromise that with a protector.

With the BreatheTech™ Cover, you'll be able to wash the cover, or replace it as you like. And if you need something 100% waterproof, the waterproof option is built with proofing under the surface so it won't impede the feeling of the mattress.

Holds up in the wash.

Built and tested to make it highly resistant to pilling, this cover is designed to last in the wash.

Why buy an interchangeable cover? image

Why buy an interchangeable cover?

All of our BreatheTech™ covers are fully washable. But having a second cover on standby, just like having a spare set of sheets, gives you practical flexibility with the washing/drying process. The cover can also be purchased to simply replace an old cover.

Two options image

Two options

The BreatheTech™ Cover comes as two options:

• The standard cover, which offers a high level of mattress protection whilst retaining the ultimate breathability, and

• A fully waterproof option, which has a fully waterproof membrane under the cover for perfect softness and complete protection

The Standard Cover image

The Standard Cover

For most people, we recommend the standard cover.

Despite not being fully waterproof, it’s a great balance, offering a high level of protection, whilst still remaining optimally breathable for the driest sleep environment.

The Fully Waterproof Cover image

The Fully Waterproof Cover

Choose this option if you are likely to encounter a lot of fluid on the surface - usually from accidents or kids and need something watertight!

For a slight compromise in breathability you get peace of mind that the foams inside will always be fully protected from spills.

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Product FAQ

How do I care for my BreatheTech™ Cover?

To maintain optimal hygiene and freshness, the BreatheTech™ Cover should be washed every 3 months.

Our BreatheTech™ Cover can be laundered separately in a washing machine on a warm gentle cycle, and tumble dried on a cool setting or line dried. To prevent fading or weather damage, we recommend against line drying for an extended period of time.

With updates to the design, older versions may have differing instructions, so when in doubt, reference your Cover's care label or reach out to our SDHQ team.

Our waterproof BreatheTech™ Cover is made possible with a thermoplastic polyurethane lining, so we recommend against any prolonged exposure to heat.

If you find that the stains cannot be removed, or if it is damaged beyond repair, a new Cover can be purchased separately here.

Why do we recommend having a second BreatheTech™ Cover?

Did you know, after 5 years, up to half the weight of an unprotected mattress, or a mattress with a poor quality protector, is made up of your own bodily fluids, skin cells, bacteria and mould?

YUCK! This is why we designed a Cover that could be removed, washed and interchanged with a spare to prevent this build up and keep our customers sleep surface fresh and hygienic.

If you're thinking of purchasing a BreatheTech Cover for a previous Sleeping Duck Mattress model, we'd recommend reaching out to our friendly SDHQ team to confirm its compatibility.

What's the difference between the standard and waterproof BreatheTech™ Cover?

While both are our unique bamboo blend Cover, our waterproof option has a thermoplastic polyurethane lining to prevent any leaks harming your Duck.

If you are after that extra protection, we’d highly recommend opting for our waterproof BreatheTech™ Cover over another topper, which can significantly increase heat retention.

With our own waterproof cover, there is instead only a slight compromise on breathability for the peace of mind that your Mattress is fully protected.