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Frequently Quacked Questions

100 Night Guarantee


All of our mattresses come with a 100 night guarantee. The 100 nights start once the mattress has been delivered. If you find that the firmness isn’t right for you, we can coordinate a change of firmness free of charge. If you don’t love our mattress during the 100 nights, let us know within that period, and you can return it to receive a refund of the purchase price (minus any initial shipping costs). We cover any expenses involved in the return.

Are there any terms & conditions?

It takes time for your body to adjust to a new sleeping surface and for the mattress to adjust to your body's natural contours. This is why we ask that you try your new mattress for at least three weeks before using the firmness swap or Money-Back Guarantee.

The dimensions are important when buying a mattress so please measure your bed frame to ensure the mattress fits (take note of the mattress' width, length and height). If you bought the wrong size and you've unpacked the mattress, you have the option to exchange it for a different size. You'll only have to pay the price difference.

How does a firmness swap work?

We've re-engineered the traditional mattress to make it modular. The level of firmness can be easily changed by swapping a single layer of foam (see video). If you decide you need a firmness change, email us at info@sleepingduck.com or call 1800 667 196. We'll send out your new foam layer.

How does the returns process work?

We understand that the mattress won’t be right for everybody, so if the mattress isn’t right for you please contact us. We will coordinate the collection of your mattress working with one of our charity partners, or recycling teams*.

If there are any costs involved with the return Sleeping Duck will cover them.

The refund will be processed once we’ve received confirmation that the mattress has been collected. You will receive an email notifying you of the refund (please note that all refunds will be processed through the original payment method).

*if you live in a remote area, we ask that you donate the mattress directly to a local charity.

What happens to returned mattresses and comfort layers?

Most returned mattresses and comfort layers are donated to charity. Where this isn't possible, returned products are professionally recycled (e.g. foams in the mattresses are typically recycled into carpet underlay).

We will never re-sell or send out a returned product.

Delivery Service

We offer an Australia wide courier service for all our products. If in stock, items are usually dispatched from Melbourne within 3 business days. Deliveries take place Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.

You will receive a confirmation email once your order has been placed. Once your order has been dispatched from our Melbourne warehouse you will receive an email with delivery information.

The courier will attempt to make delivery once your order reaches your area. If someone is not home to accept delivery, the courier will leave a card to notify you of the missed delivery. You can then contact the courier to organise delivery for a day which suits you.

Please note couriers are not allowed to enter your residence for OH&S reasons, so delivery will only be made to the front door (or bottom floor if you live in a multi-level building).

What are the estimated delivery times?
  • Melbourne; Sydney - Within 5 business days.
  • Greater Victoria; Greater NSW - Within 5 business days.
  • Canberra; Adelaide - Within 5 business days.
  • Brisbane - Within 6 business days.
  • Perth; Fremantle; Hobart; Launceston - Within 8 business days.

If the delivery is outside these locations, please allow up to 10 business days.

What are the delivery costs?

You can estimate the cost of delivery by completing Step 3 in the checkout process. If you would like a quote please call us on 1800 667 196.

Can the courier call me before delivery?

The couriers aren't able to call before delivery or to provide a delivery time. The courier will leave a card if you miss the delivery, you can then call the courier company and arrange a free re-delivery on a day that suits you.

What can I do if someone can’t stay at home the whole day?

If it is safe to do so, you can provide authority for the courier to leave your items in a secure and dry area like around the back of your house, on a veranda or in a garage. If you wish to add these instructions to your delivery please email info@sleepingduck.com with your order number and instructions within 24 hours of purchase.

Alternatively, delivery can be made to a neighbour, family member or work address. You can also collect your items from the courier’s local depot.


Mattress in a box

Our mattresses are packaged using vacuum compression technology. This technology compresses the mattress to about one fifth of its thickness. As our mattresses are all made using individual pocket springs, the mattresses are then able to be rolled up without compromising quality. Once opened the mattress will return to its original size and shape within 72 hours of unpacking.

Does vacuum compression affect the mattress quality?

Absolutely not. All mattresses in our product photos were once vacuum sealed. We stand by our products and provide a 10 year warranty and money back guarantee so that you can shop risk free.

10 Year Warranty

Mattresses are unique products that require a unique warranty. Our mattress warranty is 10 years.

The warranty covers:

  • Faulty workmanship
  • Excessive body imprints. In the general course of use, if you find the body imprint you have left on the mattress is larger than 30mm deep then we'll either fix or replace the mattress

The warranty does not cover:

  • Normal body impression. A mattress has a break in period where it will conform to your body's natural contours and weight. Essentially individualising itself to you. Up to 30mm is perfectly normal and is not covered under the warranty
  • Damage arising from abnormal use, or abuse
  • Odour (some of the materials used have a natural odour)
  • Sheet fit
  • Soiled mattresses
  • Minor manufacturing anomalies e.g. a missed stitch
Bed bases that might void your mattress warranty

The mattress must be used on a suitable bed base for the warranty to apply. Please see below the section - What base can I use with the Sleeping Duck mattress?

Please note that Sleeping Duck reserves the right to fix or replace your product. If the product has been discontinued we reserve the right to offer you a refund or similar replacement.

What do I do if I have a problem?

For all warranty related enquiries please call us on 1800 667 196 or email info@sleepingduck.com and we'll be happy to assess the situation and give you further instructions on how to proceed.


Will the mattress form indentations or impressions?

All Sleeping Duck mattresses include a comfort layer of memory foam and latex. Due to the nature of these materials you may find that body indentations will naturally occur. If you are finding that these indentations feel deeper than they should please refer to our warranty for guidance.

Weight tolerances

The Sleeping Duck has been tested, simulating 10 years of sleep of 2 people up to 140kg each.

How do I care for my Sleeping Duck?


Our bamboo topper can be spot cleaned (with warm soapy water, remembering to dry it out completely afterwards). If you find that the stains cannot be removed, or if it is damaged beyond repair, a new topper can be purchased separately. Please contact our customer service team if you have any questions.

Mattress Rotation

Whilst we all have our favourite sleeping position (and side of the bed.), rotating your mattress is important. We recommend rotating your mattress once a month for the first 4-6 months, and then just a few times a year from then on.

Every Sleeping Duck has a modular design, so for ease of use the topper can be completely zipped off and the pieces underneath can be rotated at your discretion.

Bed Bases

Is our bed base included in the 100 night trial?

Yes, all of our bed bases are included in our 100 night trial. For further information about the trial please see above.


All of our bed bases come with a one year warranty which covers: faulty workmanship and damage from normal use. The warranty does not cover damage arising from abnormal use, or abuse - for example, incorrect assembly.

Weight tolerances

The base is designed for use with up to two people of up to 140kg each, plus the weight of a Sleeping Duck mattress.

What base can I use with the Sleeping Duck mattress?

Our mattress is designed to work on any firm, flat surface. This means it’s fine to use with a slatted or ensemble style base.

If using a slatted base, please ensure that the distance between the slats is less than 8cm. The reason for this is that the pocket springs need support in order to function correctly. Gaps wider than 8cm will leave a significant number of springs unsupported and will affect both the feel and longevity of the mattress. Most standard bed bases will comply with this.

To be sure that your base will be right for the mattress always double check the measurements with those of our mattress, which you can find here.