AntiGravity® Technology

We set our sights on engineering a pillow that gives your head and neck a feeling of weightlessness that lasts all night. To achieve this we turned to the top surface of our mattress, the AntiGravity® layer. We think it feels like resting your head on a freshly fluffed feather pillow - but that feeling will last all night.

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A New Frontier in Cushioning & Mobility

The Sleeping Duck Pillow gives you the best of both worlds: the cushioning comfort and pressure-relieving properties of memory foam with the mobility properties of latex. It will enable you to change positions easily and leave your neck and upper back feeling supple, limber, and well-rested.

Pillow being measured as 9.5cm thick.

The Ideal Height

At 9.5cm high, this pillow may seem on the shorter side – however after many years of testing and feedback we’ve found this to be the ideal height: not too high for those who sleep on their front or back, but high enough for those who prefer their side or spoon position.

Pillow showing the AntiGravity Surface Foam with air lines dissipating away from the foam.

Cool & Breathable

The structure of our AntiGravity® foam means our pillows are 8x more open than standard latex and memory foam combinations. Which in turn provides a cool and comfortable night’s sleep.

Close-up of the pillow with an icon of Australia.

Designed Locally

In designing all our foams, we partnered with an Australian chemical engineering and manufacturing plant to make sure we were able to achieve the most unique product on the market.

Pillow showing the AntiGravity Surface Foam labelled with "Air Grown Foam".

Made Healthy

Our advanced foam manufacturing technique uses pressure expansion rather than chemical reactions to expand the foam, making them safer, healthier and happier.

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Product FAQ

Does the pillow come with a 100 Night Guarantee?

Our pillows come with a 100 Night Guarantee. Pillows can be tricky to get right, and we don't want you keeping something you're not 100% in love with. While we design our pillows to be flexible for a range of sleep styles, it won't always be the perfect fit.

If you're finding you and your Sleeping Duck pillow aren't getting along, feel free to get in touch with our team at SDHQ. We're here to get you comfortable!

How do I care for my pillow?

Not everything goes according to plan, we understand!

If you need to clean your pillow, you can easily remove the case and protector for washing. We recommend washing them on a cold delicate cycle. You can also hand-wash if needed to remove stains or spills, avoiding the use of bleach. Air drying is best as we don't not recommend the use of a tumble dryer. To iron, use a low to medium setting with steam.

The AntiGravity foam inside can't be washed, and shouldn't be spot cleaned with anything wet. If it does get wet it should be patted dry or aired, out of direct sunlight, then vacuumed or brushed gently.

When can I get my delivery?

Provided we have the products in stock, we dispatch all orders within 1-2 business days of being placed.

Once your order is on the way, we'll send an email with your tracking number. For more information about our deliveries, we recommend reading our delivery FAQs.