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We’re happy customers! I personally think the minimal partner disturbance that’s created is the most wonderful thing. For us right now, that’s top notch with me up to a toddler during the night and my husband up early for work.

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Side sleeperFirm
sound sleepers

We bought the firm mattress and the mattress has softened up a little now after 3 months. Happy with it as it wasn't too hot on our back in summer nights.

55 - 64
All over sleeperFirm

Wonderful experience all round. Thanks.

45 - 54
All over sleeper
Great value for money

Was sceptical at first about the “mattress in a box” concept but have been really impressed by both the product and customer service. At first I ordered the firm foam but after 3 weeks found it way too hard, the Sleeping Duck team immediately swapped it for medium, it was very easy to install and since then I’ve been sleeping perfectly. Really happy three months in.

35 - 44
All over sleeper

Great product, great service when I neede to change the comfort level

Really is quality, look and feel

Very satisfied!

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All over sleeper
WHY did we wait so long to buy a bed in a box??

My husband and I have bought two QS mattresses in 8 years and have seriously wasted thousands of dollars in the process. Our first was an expensive retail store brand that was great initially but over time became scalloped and hollowed - despite turning it every few weeks and us being of normal-weight body composition.

Our second was a little cheaper bought from 'an original mattress factory'. After 6 months my husband underwent surgery and was instructed bed rest to recuperate and within weeks his side of the mattress had sagged so much that I refused to turn it and the two of us have been suffering since!

We were skeptical of buying a bed in a box but having bought our Sleeping Duck, we're kicking ourselves that we didn't do it years ago. From ordering, delivery and follow up on product to excellent customer care, you won't find this kind of service from a retail store. Knowing that we have 100 nights of sleeping on our Sleeping Duck also gives us peace of mind.

If you're thinking about it, my advice would be to buy one and try it - you have absolutely nothing to lose and much more (sound!) sleep to be gained!!

35 - 44
All over sleeperFirm
Love the firm

I originally purchased the Medium but then swapped out to the Firm, which was very easy to do. I love it - it's my favourite mattress ever. The top layer still provides soft cushioning but the now firmer underlayer provides stronger support, which feels very solid. So it's a combination of soft solidity, which is great.

45 - 54
Side sleeperMedium

From the moment it arrived we knew it was going to be good. It was super easy to unpack and to watch it unravel was great too. We slept on it that night and the support was excellent. The pillow top is beautiful and the mattress is manufactured with style. We have been recommending it to all family and friends. The price was outstanding. It literally cost $2500 less than what we were going to pay at a particular chain store. Thank you Sleeping Duck.

45 - 54
Side sleeperMedium
It's worth the effort

Relatively easy to assemble

Brilliant customer service who were only to happy to assist me in changing my mattress firmness and now all is great with the world.

45 - 54
Side sleeper

Had a problem initially, feeling like my 'medium' side of the bed was too soft. Got the new firm inlay sent out and had SD check up on me a couple of times making sure I am happy. Great service. Problem solved. Everyone's happy.

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