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Sleep position
Happy with purchase

I have been really happy with our sleeping duck bed. It's really comfortable and my husband doesnt feel me moving around during the night. Ive had it for a few months now and hasn't lost its shape at all. I also bought the sheets to go with the bed and they are so soft, better then any 1000 thread count I've had in the past.

25 - 34
All over sleeperMedium

We are so happy with our mattress purchase. It was worth every cent and has allowed my husband and I to have a much better sleep experience. We truly value the customer service provided, which is of such a high standard. We definitely recommend the mattress for comfort and value. Thank you so much for an amazing product and looking forward to purchasing further accessories to compliment our mattress.

55 - 64
Side sleeper

Kids moving out so changed from single to queen for the spare room. We put our 3 year old mattress on spare bed & went Duck on ours.

Online process was easy, price reasonable, delivery good & follow up service was sensational.

We ordered the medium but after about a month my wife was still waking up with a slight pain in the back, as per the previous mattress as well.

I mentioned this in response to a Duck text message & the recommendation was to go firm on her side, which we did.

Once again, process easy, delivery good, follow up service sensational & back pain gone.

Now top that off with the latest from Choice Magazine, S Duck the highest rated mattress.

Very very happy

55 - 64
All over sleeper
Comfortable Mattress

My partner seems to be sleeping much better. He has always had issues with finding a comfortable Mattress. We have gone for a king size bed this time. I sleep hot so need to feel coolness around me.

55 - 64
Side sleeperHalf-half
Happy Customer

Sleeping Duck have been fantastic. The customer service has been second to none. I have thoroughly enjoyed my new bed base and mattress but after a few months, I started to question if the "medium" was actually too soft for me as I started to get a bit of a sore back and hips. I spoke with a team member and expressed my uncertainty at exchanging the medium for a firm insert because I LOVE to feel of the medium, but waking up sore was nagging at me. To my delight, they simply sent me a firm insert at no cost and encouraged me to keep the medium and see how I go. You can't ask for more than that! Thank you Sleeping Duck.

25 - 34
Side sleeperMedium
Great product, would highly recommend!

Such an easy shopping and delivery experience, very refreshing after traipsing around mattress stores. Very easy to unpack and set up, my husband and I both love it!

25 - 34
Front sleeperMedium

This is hands down the best mattress I have ever owned!!! I didn’t realise how much of a difference it had made in my life until I slept away from home and endured the worst nights sleep I’ve had since my comfy duck made its way in to my bedroom. This is one lover that won’t be leaving my bedroom!!!!!

25 - 34
Side sleeper
I'm happy I bought a Sleeping Duck mattress

The mattress is generally very comfortable although a little warmer than I would like but it is not an issue that causes sleep disturbance. It is supportive and my partner and I don't disturb each other when moving around. The pillow also gets warm but I now use a special cover which overcomes that discomfort.

I am more han happy to endorse the comfort qualities of the mattress.

65 - 74
Side sleeperHalf-half

Bed is comfortable and I am sleeping more than I ever did and not waking to back paid. Only comment is that on hot days the matteress is hot, making for an uncomfortable sleep on hot nights.ex

55 - 64
All over sleeperMedium
Just Awesome

From ordering, delivery, setting up and even a change in the firmness of our mattress, the service of this company has been exceptional. On top of that the mattress is an absolutely winner. At first we thought it wouldn't suit us but when we discovered we could change the firmness on only one side, we were thrilled and now sleep well. I am a slight person with a very big partner - we are having no problems with him waking me up as he rolls over, there is no movement between our sides! Very very happy - just wish we had done this a long time ago!!!

45 - 54
Side sleeper