Sleeping Duck Duvet

Made from TENCEL™ fibre fill, our summer duvet is the perfect for those warmer nights – breathable, light and cosy.

Summer (300GSM)
Winter (600GSM)

Ever wondered why you sleep hot at night?

The answer is humidity. In a humid environment (say a tropical climate), 25 degrees can feel more like 30+ degrees! In a hot environment, your body usually cools you down by sweating. The air around you dries the sweat and cools you down. But when it's humid, the air is wet too, so it can't dry the sweat and your body becomes one big, hot, wet mess!

It's exactly the same when you sleep. When you sleep your body automatically reduces its temperature by a couple of degrees. It does this by releasing sweat. So guess what? If your sheets and duvet aren't designed to wick away the moisture then you'll generally wake up hot and sweaty in the middle of the night.

Enter the TENCEL™ fibre duvet

Our duvet is made of 100% of TENCEL™ fibres. These fibres are able to absorb moisture more efficiently than cotton. So when your body sweats at night, the duvet will be able to wick the moisture away from your sleep area. Your body will be able to breathe comfortably as you sleep soundly in a temperature that's right for you – and whoever else you're sharing the bed with.

Perfectly balanced for any conditions

The summer duvet

The perfect weight for those warmer nights. Breathable and light yet still amazingly cosy. After 100s of hours of testing, we found the optimal weight for summer to be 300gsm. This creates the perfect balance so that you feel cosy and comfortable, without being hot.

The winter duvet

Our winter duvet is twice the weight of the Summer Duvet –The weight of this duvet is designed to keep you warm even on the coldest of nights. But not that sticky, sweaty overheating warmth, it's crisp and cosy, more like a hug from a loved one or a soft feathery duck.

What is TENCEL™?

TENCEL™ fibres are what our soft, sleepy sheets are made of. We can only assume it's what God's sheets would be made of. Technically considered, innovatively designed, and made from sustainably sourced Eucalyptus Wood, TENCEL™ fibres are the perfect combination of smooth, breathable, and durable.

Naturally anti-bacterial

And because less moisture forms on the surface of our duvet, thanks to our nifty technology, it creates less favourable conditions for bacteria to develop. Making our duvet naturally anti-bacterial in comparison to synthetics and polyester. So no matter how dirty you are in bed, you can tuck yourself in with sheets that offer a cool, dry, and happy, healthy ‘slumber'.

Care instructions

To care for the duvet, we recommend only using a low temperature delicate or hand wash cycle. Do not bleach. A cold spin cycle at the end is fine but please do not use a hot tumble dry. Air drying is the best way to go.

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