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5 stars

Thank you to the very pleasant and caring staff, the amount of customer care really surprised me and I am very appreciative. I had trouble initially with the new mattress but after talking with staff a change of topper was immediately offered not once but twice, I now know that with my back injury the extra firm was the best option for me. Thank you again at Sleeping Duck

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All over sleeper

Great service and interaction

65 - 74
All over sleeperHalf-half
Excellent buy.

Made enormous difference.

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Side sleeperMedium
Wayne and Jennifer

We are both extremely happy with not only the service we have experienced with Sleeping Duck but we are also very happy with the product itself. We are both getting a much better night's sleep. Thank you.

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All over sleeper
Loving it

The purchase was straightforward and we nervously followed the directions for unpacking the new mattress, but it was easy and quick. It is heavier than our old mattress so the hardest part was manoeuvring it onto the bed. It is a tight fit on our QS bed frame, which is good because the sheets stay in place. My husband and I are both sleeping better on it. It is super comfortable and supportive to sleep on, just a bit warmer than our old mattress: I even took one of the blankets off our bed!

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All over sleeperFirm
Sleeping peacefully

Very comfortable and restful nights sleep since buying a sleeping duck mattress.

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Side sleeperMedium
Very happy

Very good follow up service and sense of humour

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Side sleeper

I was waking up each morning with my back feeling stiff and sometimes sore, but not any more. I noticed a big improvement on the first night, but after a few days no more stiffness or pain.

Great to have a product that delivers on it’s promise

I especially like the fact that you can change from slot to firm cushioning

The service was great, especially the follow up to see that I was satisfied

Great product and service... well done

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All over sleeper
Five Stars

I took a gamble and it paid off! Physically felt the difference when I changed from firm to medium (firm was great for sleeping on back but not side) medium is great for both. It's also a bonus to have the firm layer (conveniently stored under my bed) if I should need it in the future. I just fall asleep and wake up refreshed! Even the pillow (which surprised me at first - it was so flat) is amazing. I never have to squash or adjust it. It just works! The team is helpful and a pleasure to do business with and trustworthy . My adult daughter who was sceptical about buying a mattress online tried it when visiting last Sunday after lunch just to give her opinion. She woke up at 4 o'clock. I have already recommended it to two friends.

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All over sleeper

Sleeping a lot better on the Sleeping duck and getting better each night.

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Side sleeperMedium