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Sleep position
Great mattress - Poor delivery serice

We are both very happy with our medium queen size Sleeping duck mattress. I am no longer suffering from hip and shoulder pain! However I was very disappointed with the after sale/ delivery service. We were aware there was a 3 week delay on delivery. Was happy to receive an email 3 weeks after ordering advising us our Sleeping

Duck was on its way and given a delivery tracking number. However that is where the customer service ended. The mattress sat for 3 days in the Melbourne warehouse and when I contacted both the delivery company and Sleeping Duck neither could give us an actual delivery date. Just told to keep an eye on the tracking details. We were not advised by either phone call or SMS of the delivery date even when it was on its way. It was a lucky coincidence that it was delivered on my day off work. The delivery company did suggest they could deliver to a different address eg work. I had to explain that wasn't practical as it was a mattress!! So great mattress poor delivery/ after sales service.

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Side sleeperMedium
Purchasing a new mattress

Decided it was time to buy a new mattress. My son bought a new mattress and spent a lot of time and money buying his mattress. I heard add on 3AW and checked out review on choice magazine. What appealed to me was the 100 day trial , so l ordered a medium mattress and took a little while to adjust to temperature with advice l put bamboo cover on mattress after a number of weeks l contacted sleeping duck about changing to a soft comfort as l have a bit of arthritis in my right hip . They promptly sent new layer easy to change out.

I’m getting less interrupted sleep with softer fit and can easily go back to medium if l choose to.

Love the quality and concept as you have a 100 days to adjust mattress for yourself or your partner .

Very good value and great follow up and service.

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Side sleeper
Good Bed

The bed is super comfy, my partner loves it. I have pretty severe back issues and was hoping it would give me some extra support but not noticing any real difference. But it is comfortable aside from my back problems and it’s annoying I can’t get the full experience my partner is

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All over sleeperFirm
Improvement on what we had

It's a great improvement on what we had and we really like the option of a mattress with split firmness. The time went really quickly though so I didn't have the chance to experience the other side of the bed in the timeframe. Generally though we are both happy that we changed to sleeping duck. The true test will be seeing how it goes in a few years time.

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So far so good!

Mattress was bought for my son whose mattress was 12+ years old and he had also outgrown the KS Tempur.

Although cost was a big factor, (son loves the Tempur brand) BUT he hasn't complained yet with his new Sleeping Duck! That's a good sign!

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All over sleeperFirm
sound sleepers

We bought the firm mattress and the mattress has softened up a little now after 3 months. Happy with it as it wasn't too hot on our back in summer nights.

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All over sleeperFirm
Fantastic Support | Great Sleep

The Sleeping Duck has given the best nights sleep.

Moving and unpacking has given me back aches everyday, but after a night's sleep on the Sleeping Duck I wake up with none. It's fantastic!

Only down side to this mattress is that it the heat really builds up on the 30+°C days.

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Side sleeperMedium
Comfortable Mattress

My partner seems to be sleeping much better. He has always had issues with finding a comfortable Mattress. We have gone for a king size bed this time. I sleep hot so need to feel coolness around me.

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Side sleeperHalf-half
I'm happy I bought a Sleeping Duck mattress

The mattress is generally very comfortable although a little warmer than I would like but it is not an issue that causes sleep disturbance. It is supportive and my partner and I don't disturb each other when moving around. The pillow also gets warm but I now use a special cover which overcomes that discomfort.

I am more han happy to endorse the comfort qualities of the mattress.

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Side sleeperHalf-half
One of the best mattresses we've brought

This mattress has been the best mattress we've brought. We brought a 5k one only 2 years ago & we've been through 3 since then with issues involving dipping/sagging to hard & to soft!!! But by far my favourite thing is the versatility that we can swap up firmness when ever we feel like it 👌 won't be buying any other mattresses again & we'll be getting 2 more for our kids very soon!!

25 - 34
Side sleeperMedium