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4.8/5 (1200+)
Sleep position

Very comfortable mattress. You should however offer soft option available at time of purchase.

35 - 44
Front sleeper
Great mattress

Super comfy! A mattress from a box delivers a great sleep.

35 - 44
Side sleeperMedium
Now it's even harder to get out of bed in the morning

It's so comfortable. It might be too comfortable. I have to force myself to get out of bed since getting a Sleeping duck mattress. It's also too high for my three year old to easily jump on me so it's extra restful.

I love our new mattress.

I would warn people buying a Sleeping duck mattress to be prepared to buy all new bedding. Our regular queen size sheets and doona were too small for the Sleeping duck queen size mattress and we had to buy new linen.

It's also a little harder to make the bed as it is a very heavy mattress and quite hard to lift to tuck in sheets and covers.

It's fine though. Once I'm lying on it I forget about the inconveniences and only think about the comfort.

35 - 44
Back sleeperFirm
Highly reccommend

Loving the Sleeping Duck

35 - 44
Side sleeperFirm
So glad we did this!

We had a ridiculously expensive mattress previously that we loved in the shop but neither of us were very happy with after sleeping on it for a while. So we were reluctant on spending more money and possibly getting the same outcome. The Sleeping Duck 100 night trial was super appealing, as was the flexibility of changing the firmness. We bought a king size and after 5 months we both love it. No longer waking up with aches and pains! I swapped the firmness for my half and it couldn’t have been easier to do. The follow up customer service was great but not over the top. Would absolutely recommend this mattress!

35 - 44
All over sleeper
Fantastic Mattress

Sleeping duck worked with me to get the right support I have back issues and med was too soft in back area, firm was too hard in shoulder area. I went segmented with a mix of med and firm and my bed now feels amazing and I am well supported. Partner sleeps like a log, he has commented how fantastic the mattress is and no longer wakes up hot like on our previous mattress which he was reluctant to get rid of as it was very expensive. All in all we couldn't be happier.

35 - 44
All over sleeper
Hybrid mattress

The best customer service I’ve ever experienced!

Unfortunately the mattress has been very uncomfortable for me as I sleep on my stomach and have been experiencing sore hips and lower back.

I think the mattress is good quality and build but just not for me.

35 - 44
Front sleeper
Love, love, love it

I purchased Sleeping Duck initially due to the price point, then as I read more I became hopeful it might help with my lower back and hip pain.

It did take time to adjust to my suggested firmness of ‘medium’ but once I did I was having the best sleep I have had in years and my back and hip pain was gone.

I can’t recommend these mattresses enough!

35 - 44
All over sleeper
Amazing - best ever purchase

Since our mattress arrived we have been sleeping on a cloud..... the best mattress! I can’t stop telling everyone about it!

35 - 44
Front sleeperHalf-half
Excellent and Comfy

Short and sweet, we purchased this matress in the king about 90 days back. We opted for medium firmness. Although i liked the level of support, my pardner thought it was too hard for her. Sleeping duck were regularly in touch to check all was OK and sorted a softer foam for us. Works excellent and extremely comfy. Worth every penny!

35 - 44
Side sleeper