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Sleep position
Great mattress

Mattress is nice and firm ( I ordered a firm for my side of the bed). I love this mattress. My sleep has improved greatly even though I still have neck pain ( it’s chronic)

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Best bed on the market

No more sore back every morning, and a fifth the price of my previous (2 year old) big name mattress that dipped and lost support in under 6 months. Best pillows we’ve ever had too (had given up using one, tried everything on the market over the last 25 years). Will only buy sleeping duck from now on, no hesitation recommending from either of us (extended family have, or are all buying one too based on our experience).

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Best bed we've ever had, I'm in love with the duck!

I was a reasonablely light sleeper and my husband would always wake me with his moving around. Now with the sleeping duck he doesn't wake me at all. It is so comfy and isn't to cold or warm. If my husband and I had golden locks and came across the home of a bear family we'd be choosing this bed! Because it's just right!

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Bloody brilliant.

Love our sleeping duck mattress. We bought another mattress that was double the price and I thought that was good until I slept on this one! If anyone needs to sleep in the spare room on the other mattress - it won't be me!!

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Good mattress!

Really happy with the mattress. Significantly better than our 1 year old posturepedic mattress that we had before (now in guest room). Wish the sleeping duck mattress would come in extra firm as the firm isn't quite firm enough for me personally

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Very Impressed

I was very sceptical about a mattress that was essentially flat packed, and vacuum sealed having anywhere

near the support or build quality of a fully assembled one.

But somehow the novelty of unpacking along with the combination of adjustable foams, and 100 trial plus price were winners for me.

Firstly the unpacking is very cool. Cut the centre, lay it flat, then quickly break the end, and wooshka the whole bed sort of comes to life. Awesome. The bamboo cover is super soft and wonderful underneath you. The orginal medium was a little soft for us and we upgraded to the firm. This is for us the perfect level of comfort and support. I will note we had a mattress duck down protector and we were not that happy with the bed. It seemed to be uneven, but after removing this and sleeping just on the first layer foam under the bamboo cover it's superb.

There is little to no bounce, and the only movement disturbance is the covers on top but the bed is solid. The construction is excellent, and the addition of handles for movement is a great touch. I don't know how many times I've moved a mattress and said, 'why don't they have handles'! The changing foams was easy, and we are enjoying a comfortable and excellent nights sleep. I highly recommend the Sleeping Duck mattress to anyone wanting a cheaper and super comfortable mattress, and the fact that it comes in a box made no difference. Thank you Sleeping Duck.

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Side sleeper
Very happy A+

I'm amazed at how good our Sleeping Duck mattress is considering it comes in a box and is loads cheaper than its competitors. I can't fault the mattress, especially when you can try it out & adjust the density and send it back if you're not happy. The customer service I've received from Sleeping Duck with the company contacting me a couple of times to make sure we're happy with our purchase has been outstanding and refreshing. I highly recommend the mattress and dealing with the company after the sale.

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Great product. Realy good service

Allround great service and product. Cant beat it for value.

Clint And Jen
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Five Stars

We’re happy customers! I personally think the minimal partner disturbance that’s created is the most wonderful thing. For us right now, that’s top notch with me up to a toddler during the night and my husband up early for work.

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Side sleeperFirm
Great value for money

Was sceptical at first about the “mattress in a box” concept but have been really impressed by both the product and customer service. At first I ordered the firm foam but after 3 weeks found it way too hard, the Sleeping Duck team immediately swapped it for medium, it was very easy to install and since then I’ve been sleeping perfectly. Really happy three months in.

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