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Average Rating 4.8 out of 306 Reviews
4.8/5 (1200+)
90% (150+)
Sleep position
Best mattress ever

Love Sleeping Duck. This was our second mattress out of a box because the first one actually made my sleep worse. This is so comfy, its hard to get out of bed. Love the service too.

35 - 44
Side sleeper
Very Comfortable, great value

We’ve been delighted so far with our sleeping duck mattress. Ordering, delivery and set up was really easy. We would recommend this mattress

35 - 44
Front sleeperMedium
After 3 years of owning a Sleeping Duck...

I feel suitably qualified to review this mattress after 3 years of use. Without a doubt it is hands down the best mattress my husband and I have owned. So much so we recently purchased an additional 2 mattresses for our teenagers. Initially we purchased the mattress due to my husbands back pain. Turned out he has tight hamstrings and needed to stretch more. The upside of this was we purchased a firm Sleeping Duck. I feel sorry for those who are still buying over priced and under performing mattresses from retail outlets. I highly recommend Sleeping Duck for the mattress and service!

35 - 44
Side sleeperFirm
Great sleep

Great mattress. Good bye shoulder pains. Super comfortable. Would get another one for my kids.

Peng Ling
35 - 44
All over sleeperHalf-half
Great customer service

My partner and myself are two different people I like a soft mattress and she likes a hard mattress so we ordered a half half from Sleeping Duck one side was firm the other side was medium and we found firm is not hard enough and medium is not soft enough so we contacted customer service and they sent out a soft and a extra firm piece of and we added it to the bed with the other two pieces and we will quite happy with the results the main reason I chose this mattress over the other cheaper ones because of the customer service and because you can modify it so I would highly recommend this bed to anybody

35 - 44
Side sleeper
Extremely comfortable but chemical odour

Great comfort from the extra firm mattress however we cannot stand the chemical smell

35 - 44
Side sleeper
No more waking up like a zombie ;)

No more waking up like a zombie ;) Great product, you would not regret.

35 - 44
Side sleeperMedium
Comfortable and sound sleep

We bought a sleeping duck mattress 2 months back and are delighted with our decision.It's super comfortable and supports the entire body very well and enables sound sleep.It's a must have asset when it comes to your sleep.The best part is their business model and being very flexible with exchange and returns policies so you can actually try the product to be sure.

35 - 44
All over sleeperFirm
LOVE this mattress

Having no choice but 'mattress in a box' due to our stairs I began the journey to find one. We started with one that seemed 'on paper' to be just the same as Sleeping duck - it wasn't and began to sag within 2 months. Then went to a well known Foam mattress that gave both of us neck/shoulder and back pain. Thinking we would never find our perfect bed we tried Sleeping Duck - we did change from the medium (which was by far better than previous mattresses - but not perfect) to firm and now we are in LOVE. Best night sleep I have had in years. Neck and Lower back pain has vanished!! Looking at buying one for my son's bed now :)

Thank you Sleeping Duck... excellent product matched with awesome customer service!

35 - 44
Side sleeper

Tried Koala, sleeping duck is so much better best bed I’ve slept in

35 - 44
All over sleeperMedium