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4.8/5 (2500+)
Sleep position
I’m pretty happy.

After a couple of weeks I grew to love the comfort of sleeping duck. I do still sleep a bit hot but not as bad as my last mattress, this one is better. Overall quite happy. Missus is too.

35 - 44
All over sleeperHalf-half
Zero partner disturbance.

Zero partner disturbance. I sleep with my husband AND a 40kg dog and i never feel either of them moving or getting in and out of bed!

No more shoulder or lower back pain since getting our Sleeping Duck.

Very comfortable mattress, we'll see how it feels after a few years!

35 - 44
Side sleeperHalf-half
Great Customer Service

We tried our mattress and absolutely loved it but had unforeseen circumstances which forced us to return it. The team at Sleeping Duck was very understanding and went above and beyond to help us resolve the issue.

Thank you again for your amazing Customer Service. It's been a pleasure dealing with you.

Warm Regards,


35 - 44
All over sleeperMedium

Am absolutely in love with my new mattress. The replacement foam to soft has made such a difference and I am now having incredible sleeps. I'm no longer need an electric blanket either as the mattress is warm and cold at the same time! I love it - thanks!

35 - 44
Side sleeper
Happy with purchase

It took me 2-3 weeks to adjust to the firmness of the mattress, as my previous mattress was very soft. I'd rate the 'medium' Sleeping Duck as 'firm'. At first I was worried it was too firm, but now that my body has adjusted, I'm happy with the mattress. It's comfortable and supportive.

35 - 44
Side sleeperMedium
Worth every penny!

Absolutely worth every penny! Great mattress 👌

I have a back injury and desperately needed a new mattress. Even though this is a little more than the other mattress in a box, totally worth it. Only issue is, I can't sleep anywhere else!😜

35 - 44
Side sleeperFirm
Great product, great service!

We needed a new mattress and after researching on Choice we decided to give Sleeping Duck a go. We are both side sleepers and started with medium firmness. My husband liked the mattress right away, but while my sleeping improved and back pain eased slightly, I kept waking up with shoulder pain. Sleeping Duck recommend I swap my side from medium to soft. The swap process was quick and easy. Soft foam came via courier, I unzipped the cover from the mattress, took out the medium foam insert on my side of the bed, inserted the soft foam, zipped back up and voila! Perfect sleep ensued. Our kids used the medium foam to make a fort. Incidentally the zip-off mattress cover is fantastic. Our daughter spilled milk unbeknownst to us and it left an ugly yellow stain circle on our new mattress. I zipped off the cover, soaked the stained part of the cover in a bucket of NapiSan, then washed using my machine’s “bulky” cycle and line dried. Cover looks brand new! Thanks Sleeping Duck for the great product and great service.

35 - 44
Side sleeper
Sleeping Duck? Yes do it!

Awesome product. Comfy bed that seems to get comfier as time goes on. Amazing customer service, following up with delivery dates, customer satisfaction, mattress insert changes. Nothing was a problem.

So happy with our sleeping duck mattress and bed, thanks team 😊

35 - 44
All over sleeper
Love it

Very happy, thanks

35 - 44
Side sleeperHalf-half
Happy customers

Ordering process was easy, delivery was fast, box was heavy but wheels were awesome. Easy unboxing. Mattress has handles and is easy to rotate. Is very comfortable and we are getting a good nights sleep. The dog seems to approve also.

35 - 44
Side sleeperFirm