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Sleep position
King size mattress

Unfortunately I couldn’t solve my problems with back issues. I think that springs in the middle of the mattress aren’t supportive enough. During the first 100 days I tried all the options you kindly offered me, but pain still presents.


Semyon Furman

65 - 74
Side sleeper
Overall, a good mattress...

As advised for side sleepers, I ordered the medium firmness. We found it dipped a little around the lower back area, so took up the offer to adjust firmness [within 40 days of purchase]. Two pieces of foam were sent, it's pretty easy to swap out the new with the old. However, maybe because it's in 2 pieces, not one whole piece [as the original top layer was], it still dips a little, the split down the centre feels a bit too soft. The 2 new pieces do make it former overall, which is good, but one whole piece might be better.

45 - 54
Side sleeper
Wife finds it so cold in bed

It pretty good, still not sleeping well but the coolness from the mattress is good for me but not my wife who wakes up constantly due to being so cold from the coolness of the mattress, we have tried, underlay etc

55 - 64
Back sleeper

Customer service is fantastic. Supportive, check in with you, arrange changes quickly and easily.

Tried the medium as we are both side sleepers, first weeks great, after about 2 months was causing us both back pain and the foam has softened too much. We went to the firm and so far has been much better but we remain a little concerned or perhaps cautious about its ability to stay firm....

35 - 44
All over sleeper
If you’re a hot sleeper avoid this mattress

The foam is hot

The firm option is less hot

45 - 54
Side sleeper
Medium? Soft?

Bought the medium but it feels softer.

65 - 74
Side sleeperMedium
New mattress

It is ok. I like the idea it comes in a box. Still trying get used to the mattress

45 - 54
Side sleeper

My sleep quality rating is not based on any problem or issue with my Sleeping Duck mattress - I have a medical condition called Post Herpetic Neuralgia and sleep deprivation is part of that condition.

> 74
Side sleeperMedium
Better than our previous mattress

Hubby and I weren't sleeping well on our previous mattress, that was not quite 7 years old. We decided to give Sleeping Duck a try. Ordering and delivery occurred within 24 hours - AMAZING! However, when the mattress was first opened, a small chunk from the side broke off. I emailed you guys about it and it was dismissed, which was disappointing. I am sleeping better than I was, as is my husband, but not by as much as we'd hoped.

45 - 54
All over sleeperMedium
I should have bought the hard mattress

I bought the medium mattress as recommended as I am a side sleeper. It is too soft and I feel it every time I move. For the amount of $ I am pretty disappointed.

65 - 74
Side sleeper