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4.8/5 (1200+)
Sleep position
Sleeping Duck truly gives us Sleep

Before Sleeping Duck we had terrible sleeps, sore and pain in the morning, since Sleeping Duck, we are getting a sound sleep without the pain

45 - 54
All over sleeper
Excellent mattress and great customer service!

Our previous mattress left us both feeling stiff and sore after a night's sleep and we were looking for something that could cater to both our needs without costing a fortune. Sleeping Duck did both. Initially we started with the medium softness but we both found this too soft and requested the firmer mattress. The Sleeping Duck customer service team were so quick to answer our needs and our firmer mattress insert arrived in no time. We both love this mattress now and combined with some amazing bedsheets we're both having the best nights sleep. I would recommend Sleeping Duck (and have!) to anyone!

35 - 44
Side sleeper
Took the risk

Risk paid off

45 - 54
All over sleeperMedium
King mattress medium

Love the mattress. Can’t wait to get into bed now. Every time I walk into the bedroom I want to lay down. It just fits around your body like a cloud. The service has been excellent, prompt, firmness changed with out question and delivered when promised. Can not recommend sleeping duck highly enough.

55 - 64
Side sleeper
Very Comfy and Good Value

Overall much better than our previous old mattress and very good value for money

25 - 34
Back sleeperMedium
It lives up to its reputation CHOICE!

We value CHOICE's magazine ratings and after reading the high praise for this mattress we decided to buy it with our fingers VERY crossed because is an item you want to test in a shop before purchase, however, we were not disappointed and the fact that you can chose a half-half firmness makes this product amazing!

I now have to buy a pillow that matches the quality and comfort of my mattress. It is really like sleeping in your perfect cloud. Don't think twice, go to the website, check your preferred type of mattress, click buy and...good night!... ZZZZZzzzzzzzz

35 - 44
Back sleeper

Love it!

55 - 64
All over sleeper
Very good service,most comfortable bed,

great to sleep on the "duck," very happy,can't say more than that,

65 - 74
Side sleeper
Cocoon of comfort

After years of neck, back and hip pain in bed and having spent a lot of money on previous high end ensembles I finally bit the bullet and bought a sleeping duck mattress and base for our spare room - this meant I could trial it before investing in one to replace our king size. I was a little skeptic but I can honestly say it is the most comfortable bed I have slept in for a very long time. It feels soft and gives a sense of cocooning my body yet supports me everywhere I need it. It is so very comfortable and has almost completely eliminated my neck and lower back pain. I highly recommend these mattresses and will be slowly replacing all our old beds with sleeping duck mattresses. If I might make one suggestion - I purchased the slatted base for the mattress and whilst it does the job well it is not high enough to be able to put a normal sized bed skirt or valance around so that it can be dressed to fit different room decor and bed linens - it would be great if they could be made bigger in either the frame or the height of the legs - I think this is particularly relevant for the larger queen and king sizes. I’d love to know if you can do this prior to purchasing our king mattress. Thanks for the great mattresses!

45 - 54
All over sleeper
Matress comfy, sleeping duck comms A1

We bought a medium matress. Hubby is very happy. Turned out still too firm for me. No trouble for staff, who actually suggested a half soft matress.

Fantastic communicators, matress really comfy for both of us now.

Thankyou sleeping duck 💤💤💤

45 - 54
Side sleeper