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Fantastic mattress. Excellent back support

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Sleeping Duck Bliss

Love our Sleeping Duck bed. Even though there are cheaper on the market, because of the story, follow ups, ease of purchasing, guarantees if we weren't happy etc we chose to buy quality. Very glad we did..

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Anyone looking for a good mattress experience, should try Sleeping Duck.

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Brilliant mattress

My husband says he has never been more comfortable!

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Love it

The Sleeping duck mattress has been great throughout my pregnancies. I have noticed a difference in the quality of sleep I get compared to my old spring mattress. Supportive and comfortable, I wake up without the stiffness I once had daily.

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All over sleeperMedium
One of the best mattresses we've brought

This mattress has been the best mattress we've brought. We brought a 5k one only 2 years ago & we've been through 3 since then with issues involving dipping/sagging to hard & to soft!!! But by far my favourite thing is the versatility that we can swap up firmness when ever we feel like it 👌 won't be buying any other mattresses again & we'll be getting 2 more for our kids very soon!!

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Sleeping better on the Duck!

Ordered a sleeping duck king size medium. Took a while for delivery to Canberra, but once it arrived we set it up on the bed and left it to inflate for a few days. First night on the new mattress we slept better than on the old one, but it was far too soft for us. Stuck with it for a month, but still found it soft and not as comfortable as we have hoped. Felt pretty disappointed at this stage, but arranged for a swap to firm with sleeping duck (who were great to deal with, very easy). Firm inserts arrived promptly (2 days!). While swapping them, they did not seem much different than the mediums, but once we tried to sleep the difference was very noticeable. Firm is definitely for us, and we've been sleeping great since we swapped inserts. No uncomfortable sleep any more! The only thing I need to mention is that the mattress is noticeably warmer than our previous one. We definitely notice it in this summer heat, but it is not too bad. I'm sure we will actually appreciate that come winter! Sleeping duck was a great experience to deal with, they made everything easy. If it was not for their return policy or firmness swap policy, we would be stuck with another mattress that does not suit us, instead thanks to their free firmness swaps, we were able to adjust the mattress to exactly what we needed. Thanks Duck!

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Excellent customer service and a great mattress

First attempt ordering the mattress was unsuccessful since the free delivery did not cover my location (Katherine NT). Sleeping Duck followed up and when I explained the issue they looked into it and saw my location missed the cut off by a few dollars - they then expanded their delivery reach! Ordered the firm mattress and it arrived around a week or so later (this is pretty good for the NT). I thought I'd be safe with the firm as any negative review claimed it was too firm and I like a pretty solid bed, but I found it a bit too soft. Gave the feedback to Sleeping Duck and the firm was quickly and easily replaced with 'extra firm'. I love the new mattress. It's mega firm with a soft top layer to cushion my edges. Perfect. Customer service was responsive and friendly every step of the way. Would not hesitate recommending Sleeping Duck to others.

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It’s a Dream!

I have never slept so well as I do on my Sleeping Duck Mattress. Every night I congratulate myself in my decision to try one. I’d never sleep on anything else now that I’ve got a Sleeping Duck. Highly recommended

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Best mattress bought so far

We were sceptical at first of a mattress in a box, but decided to give it a try.

So far it’s been better than a traditional mattress and he fact that my partner and I have two different firmness levels is amazing! Give it a try yourself!

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