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Average Rating 4.82 out of 352 Reviews
4.8/5 (1200+)
90% (150+)
Sleep position
Very happy with my mattress


45 - 54
Front sleeperMedium
Most comfy bed ever

I love sleeping in my new Duck, I wake up refreshed. My bed is so luxurious, I just love it.

55 - 64
Side sleeperMedium
We made the right choice

Previous mattress was a firmish expensive Seeley posturepedic but it was 15+ years old. Always woke up with a very sore back, we are both side sleepers. Went for the soft/medium and very pleased, have never woken with a sore back, miracle! Even my wife is pleased with mattress but we are still both poor sleepers but that will never change. We do sleep better with the Duck.

65 - 74
Side sleeperMedium
An experience in progress

I cannot express my ongoing delight at the support and enthusiasm for resolving my sleep challenges from the wonderful folk at Sleeping Duck! I started with the soft mattress which was already an improvement from my prior 1 year old super expensive mattress which i threw out due to ongoing lower back pain and lack of sleep.

The team at Sleeping Duck have continually reached out to me to check my progress and we recently have begun testing the firmer inserts (sent out to me at no charge) which have already improved my situation. My sleep is still not perfect and whilst my lower back pain is greatly improved, it is still present. The team are pro-actively checking in on me (more so than and with greater care my physician!) We are going to give these inserts a few weeks to "bed down" and reassess then.

Honestly, I have never experienced such excellent customer service from any business in any industry as I have with the friendly team at Sleeping Duck!

55 - 64
Side sleeperMedium
Worth it!

Great and comfortable mattress. Exceeded my expectations. Completely worth it.

35 - 44
Side sleeperMedium
Never slept better!!!

Buying the sleeping duck mattress was the best decision I've ever made. I now want to get my kids one.

25 - 34
Side sleeperMedium
Sleeping well

Purchased the medium firmness matress which arrived within 4 days. I was happy, however, a little too soft for my partner. Contacted Sleeping Duck to organise the firm mattress which arrived in 4 days. Partner is very happy with the firmer mattress and i was able to keep the medium. Great service and able to suit both of use. Slightly more expensive than its competitors, however, offered flexibility. No fuss or additional cost until we were happy...great service Sleeping Duck.

35 - 44
Side sleeperMedium
Couldn't be any happier!

My wife and I were looking to get a new mattress as we'd had the old one for a very long time. We went to all the usual bed and mattress shops and were surprised to find that to get a really comfortable mattress, it was looking like costing over $10K! We'd pretty much resigned ourselves to having to pay through the nose for the mattress which, granted, would come down to more like $5K after the various offers. Anyway, while looking for a review for the mattress we'd chosen I happened across many reviews for Sleeping Duck. At first I was sceptical, but I thought, "all these reviews can't be wrong", so we went to a show room in Melbourne and tested the mattress. It was awesome! Equally as good as the $10K+ ones we'd be testing and for a much more reasonable price. Needless to say we bought one!

A few months on now and we are still thrilled with our purchase, we won't be buying mattresses from anywhere else ever again!

Customer service was outstanding as well, really efficient and with a personal touch. We took advantage of swapping one of the sides for firm, and its really worked out for my wife. I can't think of any other company I've dealt with that has customer service to this high standard.

Great work Sleeping Duck, I wish you all every success!

35 - 44
Side sleeperMedium
Great mattress

Really happy with mattress and sleeping duck , they sent a new firmness section no worries no trouble thankyou .

55 - 64
Side sleeperMedium
It's like sleeping on a cloud

I prefer a soft mattress so was initially concerned a medium would not be soft enough for me, however it is super soft and so comfortable. I'm very happy I chose a Sleeping Duck!

35 - 44
Side sleeperMedium