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A very bad back
Firstly, I want to say this isn't necessarily a criticism of Sleeping Duck's quality. We decided on this mattress after checking Choice magazine's positive reviews and we needed a new mattress. Initially, though my back was still a bit sore, my sleep was better so I was happy that things were improving. However, 4 months on, they've gone backwards to the point where I'm now experiencing the worst sleep ever, quite literally. My back is so sore, it's now waking me up around 2am. I'm pretty flexible for my age and do some yoga every morning and I'm not overweight, either. I kept telling myself that it couldn't be my brand new Sleeping Duck mattress so I've been trying everything else including staying off the lounge, thinking that might be affecting me. However, we've just returned from our friends' place where we spent the night on a mattress that resulted in me having the best night's sleep for months and no backache whatsoever. I want to reiterate that I'm not saying that Sleeping Duck is necessarily bad but unfortunately for me, it's turned out to be a bad decision. If SD could recommend a course of action, I'd really appreciate it.
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You won't know until you give it a go :)
I will be utilising the opportunity to fine tune the sleep experience by changing the foam layers
35 - 44
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something has changed
We purchased queen size titan bed and its amazing, still is. We upgraded to a king and changed it twice, it is still not comfortable. The bed itself is not as solid as the queen and there is a big difference in comfort. Same bed, 4 years apart but now vastly different.
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