We’ve Built the World’s Most Advanced Mattress

Let me tell you6 reasons why…

Winston Wijeyeratne, Co-Founder of Sleeping Duck, smiling with his arms folded.

Winston Wijeyeratne
Aerospace Engineer and Co-Founder of Sleeping Duck
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We Admire Legendary Engineering

Precision designed.

Built to last.

We bring Aerospace Engineering and materials science standards to the mattress.


BreatheTech Cover

Supreme Comfort. Designed for Real Life.

Softest, Most Breathable, Washable Cover
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Unzips and is machine washable.
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Feel your pressure points melt away.
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Breathable and moisture wicking
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Soft and free from annoying buttons


The BreatheTech cover unzips and goes in the wash to ensure your mattress stays fresh.

Highly Resistant to Pilling

Tested to comply with EN ISO 12945 -1:2000 standard, to ensure washability and resistance to pilling with heavy use over time.

Cooler than Cotton

Our high performance bamboo yarn is knitted to ensure optimal breathability for air and liquid, to ensure it remains dry and cool.

Conforms Easily

Conforms effectively to your body without impairing movement, dissipating your pressure points.


A New Frontier in Surface Foam

Perfect cushioning.

Free movement.

Introducing AntiGravity Surface Foam
Introducing AntiGravity Surface Foam
AntiGravity Surface Foam

AntiGravity Foam was engineered in pursuit of the ultimate top layer. A surface that achieves superior comfort and cushioning, without at the same time limiting sleeper moveability, in the way that traditional foams like memory foam do. The breakthrough came with the discovery of a new method of foam manufacturing, called Variable Pressure Foaming, which allows us for the first time, to finely adjust the microcellular structure of the foam. This gives us the ability to adjust the softness and moveability parameters completely independent of each other.

Superior Cushioning to Latex

AntiGravity Foam provides highly effective cushioning and pressure relief, like memory foam, to help relieve joint and body aches.

Superior Sleeper Moveability to Memory Foam

Despite its ability to cushion effectively, the hyper-adaptable properties of the AntiGravity foam allows it to rapidly reshape around you as you move, allowing unimpeded movement, not achievable with the more rigid molding that Memory Foam provides.

Cool, Supreme Comfort

The cell structure of Antigravity Foam is 8x more porous than Memory Foam, ensuring you stay well ventilated and cool throughout the night.

Ultimate Sag-Free Longevity

Tested with 8 years of simulated usage, the AntiGravity Foam has proven resistant to sagging, meaning you can be highly confident in its ability to retain its sag-free firmness over its life.

Have you ever got a mattress home...
And been unhappy with the comfort?
Never again!


ComponentAdapt Customisation System

Customise for your active modern life.

Over 256 mattresses in one.

Powered by
Interchangeable Precision Firmness Pads
The ComponentAdapt customisation system empowers you to take full control of the comfort of your mattress. This is achieved via interchangeable Precision Pads that you can swap out for both you and your partner.

Perfect it. Adapt it. Refresh it.

How can ComponentAdapt help you?

The ComponentAdapt customisation system empowers you to take full control of the comfort of your mattress. This is achieved via interchangeable Precision Pads that you can swap out for both you and your partner.
Image of partners sitting on bed

Different preference to your partner?

Image of worker

Tight back or neck?

Image of man stretching

Sore joints or muscles?

Image of pregnant woman sitting on bed

Pregnant or planning to be?

Image of people exercising on floor

Energy and muscle recovery?

Image of older couple

Growing older? Niggling issues…

Airgrown Foams

These are not just any foams. They are high fidelity foams that are calibrated specifically to provide accurate levels of comfort, firmness and porosity.

Words "AirGrown Foams - Hexacel" on a hexagonal wireframe background.

Four Levels of Firmness

The ComponentAdapt system allows four levels of firmness in the mattress. Medium or Firm initially and if necessary, Soft or Extra Firm.

Adapts to You

With over 256 combinations available, the ComponentAdapt system allows the mattress to be perfected to your specific requirements.


We've designed an incredible foundation for the mattress

Motherboard Multi-Zoned System.

Multi-Zoned Spring System

The Motherboard is a multi-zoned steel spring system that is the main support structure of the mattress. It is the core in which all of the layers of the mattress are connected, in order to provide a system that is highly responsive to your needs. The springs are connected with independent pocketing technology that heightens independent kinetics and reduces partner disturbance. It’s the foundation on which the SD MACH II is built.
Independently Pocketed
Zero disturbance between you and your partner
Multiple Body Zones
Tailored support to head, neck, shoulders, hips and back.
Superior Edge Support
20% Extra Functional Space.
icon, crown

“Your Queen feels like a King.”

Reinforced perimeter support provides 20% extra functional space.

Multi-Zoned Spring System area within the perimeter highlighted in blue.
icon, person sitting

“I can sit on the Edge without sliding off!”

Thanks to the rock solid Perimeter Support.

Multi-Zoned Spring System perimeter highlighted in blue.
icon, someone shushing

“My partner doesn't even realise I'm there!”

Our zones are connected with technology that allows for independent movement.

One sleeper side of the Multi-Zoned Spring System highlighted in blue.
icon, box with zones

“My back has never felt so good!”

Finely calibrated body support zones provide support to your head, neck, shoulders, body, buttocks, hips, knees and ankles.

Shoulder and hip Multi-Zoned Spring System zones highlighted in blue.

Finely Tuned

The multi-zone spring system has three types of springs that are specifically tuned. 2.3mm springs around the very edge, 2.0mm springs through your back and hip zones and 1.8mm springs through your shoulder zone.
Powered By
Indestruct Springs Twice-Tempered Steel
Built to last, our Twice Tempered IndestructSprings are uniquely built and calibrated by Sleeping Duck. The choice of steel in addition to the heating and cooling processes we use allow us to increase the ductility, strength and durability of our system. Resulting in our mattress scoring 96% in standardised sagging tests, in which a 140kg roller simulates 8 years of use on the mattress.
Indestruct Springs Twice-Tempered Steel against a warm, firey background.


The Next Gen Mattress is Built to Support Your Modern Life

High-Grade Materials.

Proven Testing.

A simulation of the SD Mach 2 Mattress being tested by a large wooden roller for longevity.
Three Sleeping Duck medallions with a banner reading "Multi Award Winner".

A multiple award winner, Sleeping Duck is the world's first fully customisable mattress.

We built it to last as long as possible, not just because we love engineering, but also because we made it refreshable, which means it can.
A simulation of the SD Mach 2 Mattress being tested by a large wooden roller for longevity.

We use only the Absolute Highest Grade Materials

From the precision calibrated AirGrown, Australian made foams, right through our Indestruct Springs and moisture wicking BreathTech Cover. You won’t find better raw materials in any mattress. No matter how much it costs. Period.

Fully Refreshable

Clean up a spill, or just get it like new. Even years down the track. Our foams are fully modular and replaceable and our covers are all machine washable.
Pregnant woman and a man sleeping in a SD Mach 2 bed with their three kids.

Adapts with your Life.

Finally, a mattress that can do it all thanks to the power of the revolutionary ComponentAdapt system. Fall Pregnant. Change Partners. Recover from an injury or aches and pains. Or just change your preference because... well you can!