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"For an Indestructible spine."

Oh. You'll
feel the

SD Indestruct Bed Chassis - first frame
SD Indestruct Bed Chassis - last frame

6x M39 Leg Assembly

Level adjustable, infallible leg support system that will never shake or squeak.

50kg S235 Steel Chassis

Steel support system made from C-Channel Structural Steel beams for the ultimate support.

C-Spine Support Beams

Steel beam spinal support under each sleeper that will never bow or sag. Each beam has an independent M39 leg.

"Every single component has been engineered and tested. We stand by this bed."

Unassembled SD Bed Unit
Seaspray side angle
Gold SD Indestruct leg
SD Indestruct Bed front
SD Indestruct Bed Green Headboard
SD Indestruct Bed Base
Classic Oak Headboard
SD Indestruct Bed Base
SD Indestruct Bed Base
SD Indestruct Bed with a view
Boyd with a view
Seaspray with a view
Palais with a view
SD Indestruct Bed from front
SD Indestruct Bed from front
SD Indestruct Bed from front
Dark Classic Oak Headboard
SD Indestruct Bed Base
SD Indestruct Bed - Palais Family in an open home with the sea in the background
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Not made of matchsticks.

SD Indestruct steel
Typical bedframe TIMBER

"Even great looking beds
- on the inside, they're often made
of literally matchsticks.”

Man staring at destroyed bed
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Engineered C-Channel steel beams

C-Channel Beams being coated with paint
C Spine Core Spine Support System Logo
Support where you
need it the most.
Installing a leg on SD Indestruct Bed Frame
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Legs. Of Steel. BackgroundLegs. Of Steel. Background

Of Steel.

The M39 Ultrasecure Leg Assembly.

Close up of bed legs
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Uniform Distribution Air Support Panels

Man inspecting bed slats
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L Spine Background

No more runaway bedhead.

The L-Spine Trimount
Bedhead Brace

Man inspecting the L Spine
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“The SD Indestruct Bed is the first bed in the world that prioritises support and function… It will never break, sag or fail your back, ever.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty for the SD Indestruct Bed?

Our SD Indestruct Bed's Steel Core Support System is covered by our limited lifetime warranty, and the Artisan Skins are covered by our 12 month limited warranty.

We'd recommend heading to our warranty page to learn more about what's covered. For any questions, please get in touch with the friendly team at SDHQ.

Does the SD Indestruct Bed come with a 100 Night Guarantee?

We don’t include our SD Indestruct Bed as part of our guarantee range as it doesn’t require testing or adjusting. That being said, our SD Indestruct Bed also comes with a lifetime warranty on the Indestruct Steel Core Support System and a 12 month limited warranty on aesthetic finishes to keep you covered in the event of any manufacturing defects.

If you receive your SD Indestruct Bed and change your mind, you can return these products within 14 days of delivery provided they are unopened and all original packaging is intact.

Where can you deliver the SD Indestruct Bed?

Due to the size and weight of the SD Indestruct Bed components there are some limitations to where we can deliver and the delivery services available for each range.

Our Baker and Boyd ranges are available in all our standard metropolitan delivery areas. Our Haussman, Palais and Seaspray ranges are only available in our Premium delivery areas.

To find out more about where these services are offered, head to our delivery FAQs here.

What are the dimensions of the SD Indestruct Bed?

As our SD Indestruct Bed is available in various sizes, styles and finishes, you’ll find the specifications can differ which you find detailed information after selecting all your bed styling options here.

With our adjustable Standard or Tall Legs to choose from, our SD Bed can be suited for any needs whether that be for more storage or a better reach to clean beneath.

While our SD Bed has been designed with Australian standard mattress sizing in mind, you can also give our SDHQ team a shout here for any clarification on your choice's dimensions.

Do you offer any customisations for the SD Indestruct Bed?

Our SD Indestruct Bed is currently available in the finishes as pictured on our website. If you are interested in a combination of finishes that is not currently available, please contact us at SDHQ.

Keep in mind that you do not necessarily need to purchase our bases or frames if it does not suit your aesthetic. You just need to ensure any base you are considering meets our mattress warranty requirements.

What do I do with my spare SD Indestruct Bed™ legs?

With every Indestruct Frame, you’ll receive two Standard Classic Oak legs (150mm).

If you’d ever like to tailor or update your aesthetic, these Standard legs will be necessary so we’d recommend keeping them handy where possible.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to reach out to SDHQ.