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4.8/5 (2500+)
Sleep position
Very Impressed

Great service and experience all round. Very happy with he firm mattress.

25 - 34
Back sleeper
Excellent customer service, follow-up and a fantastic mattress as well

I have lower back and shoulder pain and convinced my partner to try the Sleeping Duck half and half. He was very comfortable immediately and although I found it was a considerable improvement from our previous spring mattress I was still having problems when I did roll over and sleep on my side. I contacted the great crew at Sleeping Duck and after first trying the medium mattress they custom designed one for my requirements and now I'm sleeping perfectly. All packages were tracked and I was notified when arrival was due, the guys at Sleeping Duck always followed up to make sure the mattress had arrived and then later to see how I was sleeping. Amazing customer service - I can't recommend them more highly.

55 - 64
Back sleeper
Love it!

Best investment - thank you Sleeping Duck!

25 - 34
Back sleeperMedium
Amazing comfort and support.

I thought I was sleeping ok before changing to a Sleeping Duck mattress. Since switching I wake in the morning and can honestly say that I have had a great night's sleep. No aches or discomfort, I'm ready to start the day!

45 - 54
Back sleeper
Highly recommend

Our sleeping duck mattress is just fantastic, it was ordered on a Thursday night and was delivered to our door on the following Tuesday which is incredibly fast as we live in a rural area. It’s absolutely fantastic to sleep on and even though my partner is over 100kg ther is zero partner disturbance. They were recommended to us by friends who absolutely love theirs and we have recommended them to other friends who can’t wait to get theirs.

35 - 44
Back sleeperMedium
Five Star

Sleeping Duck is the best mattress I have ever purchased. Although I think I could have it a little firmer.

> 74
Back sleeperFirm

The best mattress I’ve ever come across

45 - 54
Back sleeper
5 star

Sleeping much better but being a back sleeper I was wondering if I should have got the firmer model Still the best mattress I have ever had by a long way

55 - 64
Back sleeperMedium
Love it !

Our old mattress was really starting to get us down , combined with the aches and pains that come with pregnancy we thought it was really time to upgrade. We had always planned on splurging on a Tempur but then realised that choice actually rates Sleeping Duck higher . We debated for ages over what to do but thought it was worth trying the Sleeping Duck as it was waaaaay cheaper. We are so happy with our choice , both of our aches and pains are gone and my partner who has restless leg syndrome disturbs me a lot less . We are interested to see if it is still this good after a few years but so far would highly recommend.

25 - 34
Back sleeper
Wife finds it so cold in bed

It pretty good, still not sleeping well but the coolness from the mattress is good for me but not my wife who wakes up constantly due to being so cold from the coolness of the mattress, we have tried, underlay etc

55 - 64
Back sleeper