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Sleeping Duck
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Average Rating 4.75 out of 150 Reviews
Sleep position
Look forward to bed time

As I read in other reviews, I was dubious about buying before trying and I’m well known by my friends and partner every time we go to a hotel or motel, which is about 20 times a year, for complaining to management that I need a mattress topper or some sort of complaint about my bed. None at all about sleeping duck. So beautiful to climb into at night! Don’t feel my partner moving, he can’t feel me moving and I’m like a washing machine in bed, always turning. On top of this the price was amazingly cheap for such great quality.

55 - 64
All over sleeperMedium
Love this mattress

Supportive, excellent quality mattress. We bought a Koala before the Sleeping Duck and within a few months it had a dip in the center, it was also very hot to sleep in so we returned it and got the Sleeping Duck. We have had no issue with the sleeping duck - it's LOADS more comfortable, so supportive on my back or side, and it seems to regulate my body temperature pretty well. I love this mattress - it's the most comfortable bed I have ever had and I know my partner feels the same. We went with the firm and I can comfortably sleep on my side or my back.

25 - 34
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Happy sleeper

Unsure at first about buying a mattress online, however have not regretted it. Sleeping warm, comfortable and not disturbing each other when we move. Delivery was very fast and the customer service support was very professional. A great purchase!

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Switch to the Duck

This is a great company to deal with. Excellent Communication and all on schedule. We are thrilled with our mattress and base. A quality affordable bed. Thank you

Bob & Kate
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A better mattress

Came from one of those sleep-number-scientifically-matched mattress things, which was pretty horrible and I'm disappointed that I put up with it for as long as I did. Was put off the in-store mattress purchase after that, and found Sleeping Duck online, with rave reviews. I figured with free delivery and 3 month trial, how could I go wrong?

Ordered the king-size and nearly had a heart attack trying to muscle it up the stairs - it's heavy, so have a plan!. Pleased to say that the mattress is a massive improvement in comfort over the old one - so a big tick there. Service and follow-up has also been really good. Ordered the medium but after about 6 weeks, partner wanted to try the firm. Called SD and explained - they said they were out of the firm layers and would be some delay, which is fine. However, that was nearly a month ago... am sure it turn up soon though :)

35 - 44
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Excellent service and reliable bed

We ordered new mattress when we were moving into a new unit; team at Sleeping Duck delivered on their promise of making sure we had the new mattress on the day we were moving in. We had to wait a while for the base but it was worth it; We think we have made the right decision shopping with Sleeping Duck. It's comfortable and maintains just the right amount of body temperature.

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Great Comfort, Great Quality

My friend bought a Sleeping Duck couple years back. I slept in it one night and was really impressed how comfortable it was. When my old materress started to sag and I started getting back aches I turned to Sleeping Duck. From the very first night I was extremely happy. The stiffness and aches in my back went away after a few days. Also I feel like I'm getting a much better quality of sleep. Another great thing is the quality on the mattress. It feels solid and very well made.

35 - 44
All over sleeperFirm
Great mattress

We found the soft version too soft, especially if you sleep close to your partner. The firm one is a lot more comfortable but maybe a medium firmness one would be even better? Anyway it is heaps better than what we had before and by far our best mattress ever.

35 - 44
All over sleeperMedium

Our Sleeping Duck experience has been great since the day we took the plunge and ordered the new mattress. Delivery was quick and easy and the after sale service and review was fantastic - We've never had anyone call us about a purchase - these guys did twice!!

We are both sleeping more easily and without aches and pains. I am no longer disturbing my wife's sleep with restless movement.

I highly recommend this mattress and the overall service of the company.... Well done!! - The fact that it is Australian Made is just the icing on the cake!!

45 - 54
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