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Sleep position
Best bed on the market

No more sore back every morning, and a fifth the price of my previous (2 year old) big name mattress that dipped and lost support in under 6 months. Best pillows we’ve ever had too (had given up using one, tried everything on the market over the last 25 years). Will only buy sleeping duck from now on, no hesitation recommending from either of us (extended family have, or are all buying one too based on our experience).

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Duck experience

Couldn’t fault service, order Medium but decided go with firm for extra support. New foams delivered without question and we got to keep medium if decided to change back. Very happy at the moment. Time will tell.

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All over sleeper

Fantastic bed, fantastic service

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Love my Duck

Sciatic pain is gone. Love it

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So far so good!

Mattress was bought for my son whose mattress was 12+ years old and he had also outgrown the KS Tempur.

Although cost was a big factor, (son loves the Tempur brand) BUT he hasn't complained yet with his new Sleeping Duck! That's a good sign!

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Initially ordered a medium queen then changed to a firm

I suffered from lower back and hip ache. My Chiropractor said she couldn't do anymore for me, got me thinking about my mattress. Coincidentally the following week I saw a promo on TV about Sleeping Duck. I did lots of research and read all the reviews. I wasn't sure which mattress to order but knowing that you had the option to change the firmness I went ahead and ordered a medium queen.

As much as I loved the softness of the medium I found it didn't really give me the support that I needed.

After trying it for 4 weeks I rang Sleeping Duck and arranged for a firm to be sent. The process was so easy and 10 days later I had my firm.

Overall I find the firm has given me much more support and I have a better nights sleep. My hip ache has completely gone. I still have my back ache but it doesn't interrupt my sleep. I find it much easier getting out of bed in the mornings.

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Bloody brilliant.

Love our sleeping duck mattress. We bought another mattress that was double the price and I thought that was good until I slept on this one! If anyone needs to sleep in the spare room on the other mattress - it won't be me!!

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Don’t dream it - do it

Haven’t looked back. Heavenly. Wouldn’t have considered a “bed in a box” nor buying a mattress online without trying it out normally, but saw the reviews, the Choice Magazine rating, the money back promise, and what looked to be good customer service, and gave it a go. No regrets. None. Excellent customer service. Did I mention the mattress? So good.

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Great service and product

I've had my sleeping duck mattress for about 3 months now. The purchase and delivery service was a breeze and the mattress has been extremely comfortable. The only downside was the strong smell for the first 10 days and i was unable to sleep on it.

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Best duck I have ever had

I am so glad I came across the choice article it convinced me to choose a sleeping duck mattress and I have now settled into great sleeping paterns thankyou for your options and honest sales. And delivery in the country needs a little work but all in all very happy

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