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Winter Is Coming – Get Your Bedroom Ready for the Long Night

Winter is coming and while it may not mean an imminent battle between living and dead, we're still not looking forward to three or so months of icy cold and bone-chilling winds.

But what we are looking forward to is an excuse to snuggle up under the covers for Game of Thrones marathons and endless mugs of hot chocolate.

To help you prepare for the inevitable, we've put together our tips to get your bedroom ready for the colder months.

Seal Up Those Drafts

What's worse than a shadowy killer wafting into your tent at night? The icy cold of a draft whistling between the gap in your window sill. Spend an afternoon sealing up all those little cracks and holes that let the cold air in from the outside. You'll need some sealant for those cracks along window joints, along with weatherstripping – a sticky-backed foam that comes in a roll – for those cracks along the door and window frame.

Optimise Your Heating

Getting the temperature right in the bedroom is so important for a good night's sleep, not to mention getting out of bed in the morning.

You'll want to select the right heating for the size of your room and your routine. If you have central heating, set the program so the temperature decreases about an hour after you normally go to sleep and then increases about an hour before you wake up. This will ensure your room doesn't get too hot overnight, potentially waking you up.

If you don't have central heating, you can use a timer plug to automatically turn your heater off and on overnight.

Using a humidifier will also help keep you room at a warmer temperature. By adding moisture to the air, a humidifier helps to increase the effective temperature of a space – keeping you warmer and lowering your energy costs.

Create a Cosy Atmosphere

While in the summertime you might have preferred a light, breezy bedroom feel, winter warmth is all about dark, rich colours and plenty of texture. Channel the Red Woman with layers of blankets and soft textures. You could also change out some of your standard light bulbs for once that throw a warm glow. All the better to create a feeling of being inside a warm tent in the middle of a snow storm.

Prepare Your Bed

Once you've created a cosy atmosphere in your bedroom, it's time to turn your bed into a cosy haven. Switch out your cool, cotton sheets for something that retains heat like flannel or jersey.

A heated wheat bag placed under the blankets ten minutes before bed will ensure you're not shoving your toes into a cold pocket. And if you really feel the chill, an electric blanket may just become your favourite thing (after the Foxtel remote of course).

Game of Thrones returns to Foxtel this April and we can't wait to curl up in bed and catch up with all the latest in the Seven Kingdoms. What’s your favourite thing to do in bed on a cold, wintery day?