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Stop Sleeping Around With Sleeping Duck

Under the looming shadow of Valentine’s Day, a bevvy of gorgeous Melbourne singles descended on South Yarra’s Como Hotel for the ultimate singles party with Mix102.3’s Hughesy and Kate.

What shenanigans went on? Did anyone find love? Luckily for you, Sleeping Duck is the kind to kiss and tell and we reveal all below.

The KIIS & Tell Party

On 27 January, the Como Hotel threw open their doors for the ultimate singles mingle. The 18 KIIS & Tell singles, plus a whole bunch of party people, turned up to meet, match up and perhaps lock eyes (and lips) on a Sleeping Duck mattress.

Giant ducks provided endless entertainment in the pool and a DJ ensured the guests rocked all night.

Speaking of rocking, we hear rumours that at least a few Sleeping Duck mattresses underwent the, ahem, partner test. You know, where you have your partner jump and move around on their side of the bed to show that a Sleeping Duck mattress allows for an uninterrupted night’s sleep, no matter how much disturbance is going on.

Well, we’re pretty sure that’s what those couples were doing.

The Morning After a Night With Sleeping Duck

Rumours abounded the next day, with stories of who got a sneaky kiss with who.

We hear photographer Belinda and pool industry Business Development Manager Christian were really hitting it off. He was probably just giving her notes on what was in The Como pool.

Not one to be outdone, Steph stole a kiss on the poolside Sleeping Duck mattress, while Sarah decided that the KIIS singles weren’t for her and did some fishing on Tinder for her catch of the day (or night).

Kara and Toby seemed coy about their night (just friends?) but we think they have the most chance of going the distance – or at least going out for a second date.