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You might think that we just lay around in bed all day but we actually are very busy ducks as we bring you the mattress of your dreams. See what we've been up to here:

What Lies Beneath: Mattress Myths Demystified

When it comes to buying a mattress, there's a whole load of competing advice, opinions and marketing that can end up confusing the average shopper. In this post we're demystifying the major mattress myths and taking a look at what lies beneath you.

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A Good Night’s Sleep, Delivered: Buying a Mattress Online

These days you can buy just about anything online and have it delivered to your front door – groceries, appliances, a taxidermied piranha. But despite the preponderance for home delivered, well, everything, we know for some people buying a mattress online is still a strange concept. In the past, when you bought a mattress you […]

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We’ve Changed The Sleeping Duck Mattress

Like your friend who comes back from an overseas holiday looking just a little too refreshed, there's no hiding that the Sleeping Duck mattress has had a face lift. Our new mattresses have landed and we wanted to share a little about why (and how) they've changed.

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Stop Sleeping Around With Sleeping Duck

Under the looming shadow of Valentine’s Day, a bevvy of gorgeous Melbourne singles descended on South Yarra’s Como Hotel for the ultimate singles party with Mix102.3’s Hughesy and Kate. What shenanigans went on? Did anyone find love? Luckily for you, Sleeping Duck is the kind to kiss and tell and we reveal all below.

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Medium or Firm? How to Choose the Right Mattress

Choosing the right mattress for you is one of those decisions that can keep a person up at night. After all, you're going to spend upwards of seven hours each night lying on it, for the the next 8-10 years. So you want to get it right, right? Your standard mattress store doesn't make the decision […]

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In Bed With: The Sleeping Duck Box

Last month you met the Sleeping Duck team. However, this month it's time to meet another important member of Sleeping Duck – the Sleeping Duck box.

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In Bed With: The Sleeping Duck Team

Before you jump into bed with us (or maybe you already have, in which case ‒ thankyou, you won’t regret it!) get to know more about who we are when we’re wide awake and fast asleep.

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G’Day UK!

After a successful year in Australia, we’ve recently spread our wings and migrated north to launch Sleeping Duck in the UK.

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In store or online? That is the question

These days you can find nearly anything online. Clothes, groceries even a new partner.

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