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Medium or Firm? How to Choose the Right Mattress

Struggling to choose which mattress is best for you? Here at Sleeping Duck we want to help you make the right decision so we've put together the ultimate mattress flowchart to help you out.



Since when did choosing a mattress get so complicated? If you've visited a mattress store recently, you'll know how totally overwhelming it can be. Pillow-top, cushion-top, plush, ultra-plush, medium-firm. What do these things even mean?

And we think it's pretty hard to decide to buy a mattress after lying on it for only a few minutes. Heck, if Goldilocks had been in a mattress store instead of the three bears' house she'd never have been able to take a nap.

At Sleeping Duck we couldn't understand why buying your next mattress had to be so complicated. So we took away as much overwhelm as possible. We've designed just one clever mattress with only two firmness options. So the only choice you have to make is: medium or firm.

And if you get it wrong, it's no problem. We've made it easy to change out the firmness of our mattress. Plus you'll get out 100 night sleep-on-it guarantee to make sure you're truly in love with your Sleeping Duck mattress.