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30th November 2016

What Lies Beneath: Mattress Myths Demystified

When it comes to buying a mattress, there’s a whole load of competing advice, opinions and marketing that can end up confusing the average shopper. In this post we’re demystifying the major mattress myths and taking a look at what lies beneath you.

Does spring count matter?

Okay, so the spring count of your mattress matters. Up to a point.

Springs provide support for your body by providing just the right amount of resistance at the various pressure points to your body. More springs mean the mattress will adjust better to your body and will give you a more comfortable sleep.

But this only works up to a point. After all, if adding more springs was the only thing that guaranteed a better sleep, then why aren’t mattress manufacturers using thousands of those tiny springs found in your ball point pen?

Instead, it’s not about how many springs there are in your mattress, but how they’re configured. Configuration takes into account things like thickness of the springs, what the springs are made of, the number of turns in each spring, and a whole load of other variables that we worry about (so you don’t have to).

Sleeping Duck has designed a 5-zone support structure in our mattresses. The benefit of this is it gives you more support at the heaviest parts of your body – like your shoulders, hips and feet – and slightly more give where you want it. We use thicker springs around the edges so you don’t roll off the bed and solidifies the structural integrity of the entire sleeping surface.

A great mattress essentially comes down to three things: comfort, firmness and support. And while springs provide plenty of support, the comfort and firmness comes from the right mix of foam.

Is there really science behind the foam?

Speaking of foam, one final myth we want to break down is how much science there really is in that fancy-sounding foam mattress.

First, yes NASA really did come up with memory foam. It was designed in the 1960s to improve seat cushioning and crash protection for their pilots. But NASA also invented baby formula, and you don’t ever see cans of powdered milk being marketed as ‘revolutionary NASA technology’ do you?

Still, things get weirdly science-y when we start talking about mattress technology – sometimes unnecessarily.

Memory foam is made by mixing polyurethane with additional chemicals to change its density and viscosity – basically how firm it feels and how quickly it rebounds when pressed. What differentiates memory foam mattresses is the type and quantity of added chemicals, which in turn makes the mattress more or less firm.

The confusion arises because brands are able to trademark their particular blend of memory foam, even if the basic ingredients remain the same. Which is why you’ll come across weird names like Great Sleep™, Rest Comfort™, Chillax™ and Naptime™, even though these are all basically memory foam or foam-latex blend mattresses. Sure there’s science behind it. But there’s just as much (maybe more) fancy marketing in there too.

While we might not have given it a fancy name, we have put a lot of our engineering nous into the Sleeping Duck mattress. We’ve tested all types of materials, structures and designs to engineer one seriously comfortable mattress that’s going to give you the support, firmness and comfort you need for your best night’s sleep.

Our polyurethane foam may not have a fancy name but it does have the CertiPUR-US seal of approval to ensure it meets strict standards for health and emissions. And our mattress has been tested for durability using a heavy roller so you know it’s going to stand up to all your nocturnal activities.

Want to uncover the truth about Sleeping Duck mattresses yourself? We offer a 100-night trial and easy shipping across Australia. Mattress firmness not quite right? You can switch out the top at any time during your trial to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. Find the perfect mattress for you here.

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Torin loves all things about the bedroom and given that we spend a third of our lives in bed, it’s therefore all the more crucial that our bedroom should be as beautiful – and practical – as possible.

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