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How alert are you?

It comes as no surprise that a lack of sleep can slow down reaction time. But it may be surprising to learn just how it affects your reaction time when you’re put to the test.

When you’re not getting enough sleep, concentrating (especially on seemingly boring/menial activities), remembering things and making quick decisions all that more difficult.

It’s another well-known reality that for optimal functioning most adults need 7-8 hours sleep a night.

But, in a sleep-deprived society (and with the football on in the early hours of the morning messing with our body clocks), we get used to running our daily lives on less than an ideal night’s sleep. We may get so good at it that we don’t even realise we’re sleep poor.

Developed by Harvard, this five-minute simulated driving game – can help you determine how alert (and accurate) you are whilst performing on less sleep (it’s also interesting to see how you fare on various amounts of sleep and even at different times of the day).

We hope you do well!