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11th May 2016

Ask An Expert: Getting a Good Night’s Sleep No Matter Your Size

Finding the right mattress can sometimes be like finding the light switch in the dark. And if you’re a larger person, you’ll have some unique requirements when it comes to choosing a mattress that can make the search even more difficult.

How To Choose a Mattress For Heavy People

Getting a good night’s sleep is important, no matter what your size, shape or nocturnal predilections.

It’s important to find a mattress that’s going to give you support in all the right places while keeping your spine straight and avoiding the dreaded roll-to-the-centre sag.

While we may be experts when it comes to designing the perfect mattress, we thought it best we got a second opinion. So we spoke to Dr. Quentin Free of the Yarra Hills Chiropractic Clinic about how to find a mattress that’s going to give you a good night’s sleep.

Dr. Free has been a chiropractor for 17 years and has treated a lot of patients with lower back complaints in that time. While back pain can be caused by a range of factors, Dr. Free told us if a patient isn’t responding as expected to treatment, it’s likely their mattress is the cause.

While we all know we should be replacing our mattress every ten years, many people don’t. Ten years is a long time, frankly, and it’s easy to forget when you actually purchased your mattress (unless you bought it when you got married, in which case you should know that date by heart, right guys?!).

If you are a larger person, your mattress may not even last that long. Over time, mattresses wear out and compact, which means the support you get in year nine isn’t going to be the same as in year three. So if you’re not getting as good a night’s sleep as you used to then it’s probably time to upgrade.

According to Dr. Free, one of the biggest traps people fall into when choosing a mattress is basing it on a 15-minute in-store trial. When you lie on a mattress in a showroom, it can feel like you’re lying in a cloud. But once you take it home and actually spend a whole night horizontal, you may find that cloud-like feeling now feels like lying in sticky pizza dough.

Instead of relying on a 15-minute in-store trial to choose the mattress you’ll lie on for the next ten years, look for one you can sleep on at home to see how the mattress performs over a few weeks and months. You’ll get a better idea then of the support you can expect over the life of your bed.

Sleeping Duck Mattress

At Sleeping Duck we’ve designed our mattress for people of all shapes, sizes and heights. If you are on the heavier side, we recommend opting for our firm mattress option.

Dr. Free advised it’s important your mattress has adequate support at your heaviest points. For all of us, that’s at our centre and head. If your mattress doesn’t have enough support at these points, it’s going to sag and your spine will be out of alignment.

The 5-zone pocket spring system of the Sleeping Duck ensures every part of the mattress is wonderfully comfortable while supporting you where you need it most.

Our combination bamboo, 100% natural latex, and gel memory foam top layer is designed for maximum breathability and support while giving you the firmness your body needs.

With added stitching around the edges, you’ll float out of bed instead of flopping out. And the split mattress option means you can opt for firm on your side while your partner can choose a medium firmness. That’s one less thing to quarrel over in the bedroom.

And we’ll let you try out your mattress for 100 nights, giving you plenty of time to see the difference the right mattress can have on how you wake up.

If you’ve got any questions about which Sleeping Duck mattress is right for you, you can contact our friendly team in Australia or the UK.

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