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27th June 2016

Finding The Best Mattress for Couples

Finding true love is a wonderful thing, right? It means having someone there who’ll laugh at your terrible jokes, let you have the last piece of chocolate just because, and snuggle up beside you each and every night.

But being in a relationship does have it’s downsides. Like having to put up with their terrible taste in television, finding their dirty undies on the bedroom floor, or suffering with an uncomfortable mattress because they like it firm and you like it soft. Now, Sleeping Duck can’t solve the dirty undies problem, but your mattress woes might be over forever.

Relationships are all about compromise. From picking where to go on your next holiday (Bali or Europe), choosing a new car (sportscar or family wagon) and even deciding where you’ll spend next Christmas (the in-laws or anywhere else), someone usually ends up losing out. And while we know you’re happy when they’re happy, wouldn’t it be great if you could both get what you want?

Choosing a mattress can be the hardest decision of them all. After all, you’re making a commitment of eight or more years. That’s a long time to spend on a mattress that you hate, and can lead to all sorts of resentment.

Some couples choose not to settle, instead creating a separate bedroom arrangement where both people get their preferred mattress. And if this is working for you, then that’s awesome.

But if you’d really like to lie down next to your honey and wake up in their arms the next morning feeling like you both got a good night’s sleep, here are our tips for selecting the best mattress for couples.

Get a bed that’s big enough for the both of you

Squeezing together on a single bed may have been cute in your early 20s, but now it’s important you both have space to spread out. Queen size is pretty standard these days and means you’ll have plenty of room to move without disturbing your partner.

But if you share your bed with kids (or fur kids), a king might be a better size to ensure you all have plenty of room and no one ends up on the floor. Just make sure your bedroom will accommodate this size.

Choose materials that cut down on partner disturbance

The shifting of our partner in bed can be so frustrating. Whether you have differing schedules or one of you is a tosser, a bouncy bed can get annoying fast.

Spring mattresses have a reputation for being prone to motion transfer, where as soon as one person shifts over, the whole thing starts rocking (and not in a good way). But pocket spring mattresses are designed to minimise disturbance as each spring moves independently of the others, while providing support for both of you from head to toe.

The addition of natural latex further cuts down on motion transfer, as the foam absorbs rather than disperses movement and adjusts to the natural sleeping position of each partner without causing that roll-to-the-centre sag.

Select the firmness that suits you

The biggest issue when it comes to choosing a mattress for couples is finding a firmness that suits you both. Sleep is such a personal thing and what suits one person won’t necessarily suit their partner. Likewise, differences in height, weight and sleeping style can mean a couple has completely opposite needs when it comes to their mattress.

At Sleeping Duck, we’ve completely redesigned the mattress to allow you to select a different firmness for each side of the bed. So you can get the cosier feeling from a medium, while your partner can get the support they need from a firm. Both our queen and king size mattresses can be customised this way at the click of a button.

Want to bring a Sleeping Duck into your relationship? Our mattress doesn’t play favourites and will ensure you both get a good night’s sleep. Click here to choose your firmness and take advantage of our 100-night trial.

Torin DidenkoBedroom connoisseur

Torin loves all things about the bedroom and given that we spend a third of our lives in bed, it’s therefore all the more crucial that our bedroom should be as beautiful – and practical – as possible.

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