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Bedtime Reading

Tips, ideas and inspiration for a better night's sleep

What Lies Beneath: Mattress Myths Demystified

When it comes to buying a mattress, there's a whole load of competing advice, opinions and marketing that can end up confusing the average shopper. In this post we're demystifying the major mattress myths and taking a look at what lies beneath you.

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Do Dreams Really Mean Anything?

Weird, scary or downright fantastical, we've all had dreams that feel like they contain a deeper message. But does dreaming of falling really mean something’s wrong in your life? Or is it just your brain's way of making sense of the day?

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What’s The Deal With Daylight Saving Time?

The confusion, tiredness and huge coordination effort has left us wondering, what's really the deal with daylight saving time? Why is it still a thing and isn't it about time we got rid of it?

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Why Making Your Bed Each Day Will Make You More Successful

Experts suggest making the bed each day could make you more successful. So could there be more to making the bed than just a tidy room?

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When Sleep Is Just a Click Away: The Rise of The Online Mattress

The rise of online mattress retailers has revolutionised an entrenched industry and shaken up the way we all think mattresses should be bought and sold. But just how can you cut through the marketing to find out what's really going on underneath the sheets?

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Tips On Moving From a Cot to a ‘Big Kid Bed’

The transition from cot to ‘big kid bed' is a huge milestone for toddlers. Here are our tips on choosing a kids mattress and making the move as easy as possible.

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Nap to the Future: The Sci-Fi Sleep Ideas That May Become a Reality

Ever wondered what sleep may look like in the future? We explore how sleep may go from science fiction dream to eyes-wide-shut reality.

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Finding The Best Mattress for Couples

Finding true love is a wonderful thing, right? It means having someone there who'll laugh at your terrible jokes, let you have the last piece of chocolate just because, and snuggle up beside you each and every night. But being in a relationship does have it's downsides. Like having to put up with their terrible […]

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A Good Night’s Sleep, Delivered: Buying a Mattress Online

These days you can buy just about anything online and have it delivered to your front door – groceries, appliances, a taxidermied piranha. But despite the preponderance for home delivered, well, everything, we know for some people buying a mattress online is still a strange concept. In the past, when you bought a mattress you […]

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Why An Afternoon Nap Should Be On Your Daily To-Do List

At Sleeping Duck we're all about getting a good night's sleep. But we know sometimes it's hard to get in your full eight hours every night, leaving you feeling sluggish when afternoon rolls around. When that happens, most people grab a coffee (or sugar) boost to get through the rest of the day. But research […]

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