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Sleep position
Sight unseen .

I never Buy anything without seeing it first , I don't always believe what other people say when they are out selling a product . Or was it the promise of returning it if it did not work for me , well I will not know if you would refund me because I'm keeping it . Just sometimes you have to TRUST in people.

After 42 years on a water bed I didn't think I would find anything that works for me straight away I don't remember anything from the time I go to sleep till I wake up , as a matter of fact if I'm in bed for more than 5 hours I ache and have to get out , now I sleep for 6 to 7 hours wake then roll over and go back to sleep The Duck has made me something I'm not use too .

55 - 64
Side sleeperFirm
it's okay

If I lie too long on the one side my shoulders gets sore. Very cosy when lying on my back. I do get very hot but don't how much is the bed and how my bloody hormones!

55 - 64
Side sleeperMedium

I purchased the Sleeping Duck mattress over the others as they gave me a chance to try it out and change the firmness if I wasn’t happy. I did end up changing from medium to firm without any problem. In fact, their customer service is second to none as well as their delivery times. Well done guys!

55 - 64
Side sleeper
So comfy

With my old mattress, I use to get out of bed as soon as I woke up because of my discomfort. Now with my new sleeping duck mattress, I don’t ever want to get out of bed. I am sleepIng so much better now.

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All over sleeperFirm
5 star with quality and comfortability.

Sleeping with very little pain to no pain. Warm comfortable nights. Sometimes we climb back in after a coffee.

55 - 64
All over sleeper
Excellent service. Very good product at a reasonable price.

I bought my sleeping duck mattress after having had a leading brand "top of the line" expensive mattress. I must say that the sleeping duck has been excellent. I ordered the medium firmness for and within the 100 days I decided to try the firmer setting. Sleeping Duck immediately sent me a replacement inner, free of charge. Delivery, service and my experience so far has excellent.

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Side sleeper
Sleeping Duck

Excellent Mattress

55 - 64
Side sleeperMedium
Peaceful slumber at last

Heard about Sleeping Duck on Gold 104.3, as we had difficulties obtaining a restful sleep and waking without lower back pain, we decided the time was now to replace our old innerspring mattress with a new one. Got the mattress support right on the second contact with a half & half. Now both my husband & I sleep well, wake up refreshed & without the pain. Thanks Sleeping Duck

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All over sleeper
New mattress

We started off with the firm but after a few weeks found it too soft, so asked to swap to extra firm, Magic!! Definitely having better night’s sleep with the extra firm.

55 - 64
Side sleeper
Brilliant mattress!

Very comfortable, big difference to old mattress.

55 - 64
Side sleeperMedium