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Average Rating 4.82 out of 367 Reviews
4.8/5 (1200+)
Sleep position
Best mattress bought so far

We were sceptical at first of a mattress in a box, but decided to give it a try.

So far it’s been better than a traditional mattress and he fact that my partner and I have two different firmness levels is amazing! Give it a try yourself!

35 - 44
Back sleeperHalf-half
Great Bed!

I’ve loved my new bed!

Sleeping really well

25 - 34
Back sleeper
Great comfort and customer service

My partner loves sleeping on harder mattresses and I prefer a medium. We started with a firm and medium split mattress which suited us well, but decided to switch it up and go for a super firm and firm mattress which we have realised is perfect. These two firmness swaps were done free of charge and have resulted in a bed that's perfect for both of our individual needs. We also think it's supremely comfortable, no complaints at all.

25 - 34
Back sleeperHalf-half
Absolutely brilliant!

I've had ongoing back, neck & shoulder pain due to a sports injury. So for years I've just tried working around that but rarely got a full unbroken night of sleep. This has largely changed since getting my sleeping duck. I am thoroughly enjoying it. In fact, I haven't slept this well in years but am already taking it for granted! Any future mattress purchases will definitely be a sleeping duck.

35 - 44
Back sleeperFirm
Amazing Mattress

Perfect for my significant other and our 1 Y/o. We ordered a "Firm" King Size mattress. Prompt delivery, great packaging that was easy to handle. It hugs you body and adapts to the shape., providing support in all the right places. Great buy

25 - 34
Back sleeperFirm
Good quality mattress

I gave enough time to sleep on the mattress before writing comments which I think would be more appropriate. After a year sleeping on a sleeping duck mattress, both me and my partner have less back pain and have much better quality sleep. The previous other branded mattress we purchased was sagging only few months after we had been sleeping on it! So finally we found a good quality mattress! Definitely recommend it to other people.

35 - 44
Back sleeperFirm
Comfy mattress

My partner has trouble finding a mattress that he's comfortable with - we've bought many mattresses in the past 15 years and we have only found one that we were able to keep and really needed to replace it - the Sleeping Duck was the 6th mattress purchase we made and fortunately it was comfortable for both of us. Being able to get a refund if not suitable was the reason we tried it, having been unsuccessful so many times in the past and at great expense.

35 - 44
Back sleeperFirm
Life changing!!

Fantastic purchase and no regrets. A great night’s sleep is now the new normal for us. 😁

35 - 44
Back sleeperMedium
So far, so good. Good price for a good matras.

I sleep very well. It went for the harder version, but added a topper.

45 - 54
Back sleeperFirm
Don’t get firm

Initially went for the firm which we have had on other mattresses previously. But this was rock hard. After an email these guys made a few suggestions which made it slightly better.

But then again messaged and said still hard. Within 2 days out came the new softer underlay and now we sleep happily ever after.

Very happy now and customer service was 11 Stars!

35 - 44
Back sleeperFirm