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Average Rating 4.82 out of 367 Reviews
4.8/5 (1200+)
Sleep position

Anyone looking for a good mattress experience, should try Sleeping Duck.

55 - 64
All over sleeper
Brilliant mattress

My husband says he has never been more comfortable!

55 - 64
All over sleeperMedium
It’s a Dream!

I have never slept so well as I do on my Sleeping Duck Mattress. Every night I congratulate myself in my decision to try one. I’d never sleep on anything else now that I’ve got a Sleeping Duck. Highly recommended

55 - 64
Side sleeperMedium
Great buy

I bought a Sleeping Duck after doing a bit of research and having beeen unhappy with my last innerspring mattress. I also didn’t want to pay the thousands of bucks being asked for top end inner springs. Ordered a Duck and delivery was quick and problem free. We ordered a firm and gave that a go for about four weeks and I decided I would like It a bit firmer, although my husband was happy with it as it was. I contacted Sleeping Duck who sent out a half bed extra firm insert, no questions asked and again, quick delivery. Easy to change over and I am now completely happy and very comfy! Great service and a great product. I am extremely happy with it.

55 - 64
Side sleeper

Great service, went through medium, firm and then medium on shoulders and firm through to knees. Perfect.

55 - 64
Side sleeperMedium
Most comfy bed ever

I love sleeping in my new Duck, I wake up refreshed. My bed is so luxurious, I just love it.

55 - 64
Side sleeperMedium
An experience in progress

I cannot express my ongoing delight at the support and enthusiasm for resolving my sleep challenges from the wonderful folk at Sleeping Duck! I started with the soft mattress which was already an improvement from my prior 1 year old super expensive mattress which i threw out due to ongoing lower back pain and lack of sleep.

The team at Sleeping Duck have continually reached out to me to check my progress and we recently have begun testing the firmer inserts (sent out to me at no charge) which have already improved my situation. My sleep is still not perfect and whilst my lower back pain is greatly improved, it is still present. The team are pro-actively checking in on me (more so than and with greater care my physician!) We are going to give these inserts a few weeks to "bed down" and reassess then.

Honestly, I have never experienced such excellent customer service from any business in any industry as I have with the friendly team at Sleeping Duck!

55 - 64
Side sleeperMedium
Great mattress

Really happy with mattress and sleeping duck , they sent a new firmness section no worries no trouble thankyou .

55 - 64
Side sleeperMedium
Great nights sleep

Having changed to sleeping duck, I’ve been so impressed, by the support and comfort I brought 2 more for family members who love there new nights sleep and like me don’t want to get out of bed

55 - 64
All over sleeperMedium

As we were due for a new bed our daughter convinced us to look at Sleeping Duck as she and her husband had recently purchased their new bed.

What made us purchase was the flexibility with their system, until you sleep on any mattress it's hard to know what is comfortable over time.

We should have purchased one firm, one medium, we tried two firm, switched to one firm, one medium, I wasn't 100 % now my husband has the medium and I have the new personalised system, absolutely perfect, I love my bed.

Sleeping Duck service is outstanding, we cannot speak highly enough of them, thank you again.

55 - 64
Side sleeperFirm