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Sleeping Duck
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Average Rating 4.75 out of 150 Reviews
Sleep position
Don’t get firm

Initially went for the firm which we have had on other mattresses previously. But this was rock hard. After an email these guys made a few suggestions which made it slightly better.

But then again messaged and said still hard. Within 2 days out came the new softer underlay and now we sleep happily ever after.

Very happy now and customer service was 11 Stars!

35 - 44
Back sleeperFirm
Fantastic mattress. Amazing customer service

The entire process with Sleeping Duck has been amazing. Their customer service is absolutely fantastic. The ordering process was easy. And the mattress is awesome, we are so comfortable now and have the best nights sleep. Extremely good value for money an added bonus!

35 - 44
Back sleeperFirm
Great mattress

Really fantastic mattress, was surprised at how easy delivery and set up was. The mattress is comfortable and supportive, the only thing we have noticed is that it is a little warmer to sleep on but not that much that it is uncomfortable.

35 - 44
Front sleeperMedium
A better mattress

Came from one of those sleep-number-scientifically-matched mattress things, which was pretty horrible and I'm disappointed that I put up with it for as long as I did. Was put off the in-store mattress purchase after that, and found Sleeping Duck online, with rave reviews. I figured with free delivery and 3 month trial, how could I go wrong?

Ordered the king-size and nearly had a heart attack trying to muscle it up the stairs - it's heavy, so have a plan!. Pleased to say that the mattress is a massive improvement in comfort over the old one - so a big tick there. Service and follow-up has also been really good. Ordered the medium but after about 6 weeks, partner wanted to try the firm. Called SD and explained - they said they were out of the firm layers and would be some delay, which is fine. However, that was nearly a month ago... am sure it turn up soon though :)

35 - 44
All over sleeperMedium
Great night sleep

We love the sleeping duck mattress and bought another for our spare bed! My husband has back problems and since we got the sleeping duck has had reduced pain. I am currently heavily pregnant and have no need for extra pillows & we recently went on holidays to a different bed where my husband realised for the first time how often I get up at night to use the toilet, he had never noticed at home!

35 - 44
Side sleeperMedium
Great Comfort, Great Quality

My friend bought a Sleeping Duck couple years back. I slept in it one night and was really impressed how comfortable it was. When my old materress started to sag and I started getting back aches I turned to Sleeping Duck. From the very first night I was extremely happy. The stiffness and aches in my back went away after a few days. Also I feel like I'm getting a much better quality of sleep. Another great thing is the quality on the mattress. It feels solid and very well made.

35 - 44
All over sleeperFirm
Great mattress

We found the soft version too soft, especially if you sleep close to your partner. The firm one is a lot more comfortable but maybe a medium firmness one would be even better? Anyway it is heaps better than what we had before and by far our best mattress ever.

35 - 44
All over sleeperMedium

We are SUPER happy with our Sleeping Duck mattress and have been telling all of our friends to not go anywhere else when they want a new mattress! BEST INVESTMENT!

35 - 44
Side sleeperFirm
Best bed we've ever had

We needed a bigger bed primarily as our queen bed just wasn't big enough for when one or two of our children would come in during the night. Having got the Sleeping Duck King size bed we not only got more room, we got something even better. A fabulous night's sleep. It is simply the best bed we have ever slept in! I didn't realise just how poor a sleep we were getting in our old bed until we started to sleep in the Sleeping Duck bed. We highly recommend this bed to anyone looking at changing their bed.

35 - 44
Front sleeperFirm
Sleeping Duck - Excellent all-round

My previous Queen Sized mattress was getting into its 12th year and was starting to feel lumpy. It had been a great mattress through its time and I was sorry to have to move on as I thought it would cost me $2500-$3000 to replace it with a similar quality mattress. I started my online research, looking at internet purchased mattresses and straight away noticed the 'Sleeping Duck' phenomenon. I was wary of the near perfect 5-stars reviews they were receiving, suspicious that they may be fabricated. However, given the competitive prices I decided to buy a King sized medium mattress. And I am more than pleased. Firstly, I would recommend a king sized mattress to everyone; so much room, no bumping into my wife in the middle of the night. Secondly, I would recommend the Sleeping Duck company to anyone looking to get a new bed. I can't see how any other company could provide superior service. From the date of purchase in October 2016, Sleeping Duck staff have regularly rung me to see how my mattress was going. It was during one of these calls that staff made me aware of the offer of the trial of the firmer mattress insert after I had made comment that the I was still getting used to the new mattress as my previous mattress had been firmer. I took the offer and found the firm insert to make a great mattress even better. There was no cost for the new firm insert and as I didn't have to return the medium insert, I now have the choice to change the insert in/out at a later date if I have a change of heart. Really, the service seems so good I don't think it would have been an issue to return the mattress if it didn't suit me; Sleeping Duck seem very accommodating. Thirdly, the mattress is great. It is as good, if not better, than my previous, smaller, way more expensive mattress. Time will tell if it lasts 12 years like the last one, but for now I'm very happy. I have also purchased the mattress base; appears to be good quality. No issues with either delivery of mattress or the base; both arrived quickly.

35 - 44
All over sleeperMedium