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4.8/5 (1200+)
Sleep position
Great mattress

I had issues with back pain and neck pain sometimes and our old mattress was ok but not great. On starting with sleeping duck my body felt better but I was getting bad neck pain pain and headaches. In the end it wasn’t the matttress it was the pillow (which wasn’t from sleeping duck). I changed it out for a softer one and now I wake up much more refreshed and cozy. Great mattress guys

25 - 34
Side sleeperMedium
Awesome mattress

I am having the best nights sleep on the Sleeping Duck! Very very comfortable, firm and supportive yet with a nice soft top. I previously spent a lot of money on another 'luxury' brand mattress that was giving me a lot of upper and lower back pain. I haven't had any back pain at all since having the Sleeping Duck. Super quick delivery and very happy with the purchase!

25 - 34
Side sleeperFirm
Great Mattress and Worth The Extra Dollars

Ive now purchased two Sleeping Duck mattresses in both firm and medium. Amazing comfort and will buy again.

25 - 34
All over sleeperMedium
Fantastic Support | Great Sleep

The Sleeping Duck has given the best nights sleep.

Moving and unpacking has given me back aches everyday, but after a night's sleep on the Sleeping Duck I wake up with none. It's fantastic!

Only down side to this mattress is that it the heat really builds up on the 30+°C days.

25 - 34
Side sleeperMedium
Sleeping like a baby duck

You simply can't go wrong with Sleeping Duck. The most comfortable mattress we have ever felt. Everyone who we've shown it to wants one. The sheets are amazing as well, so soft. The pillows didn't look as we expected when they arrived, but give them a try, you won't regret it! And the customer service was second to none. The medium we ordered was good, but not quite right. After speaking with a staff member she recommended a firm and it is perfect. The inserts were shipped out extremely quickly, and at no extra cost! They are easy to swap out and you can even have different ones for your partner if required. If you need a new mattress Sleeping Duck is the only place you need to look, they with have you sleeping like a baby duck in no time.

25 - 34
Front sleeper
Happy with purchase

I have been really happy with our sleeping duck bed. It's really comfortable and my husband doesnt feel me moving around during the night. Ive had it for a few months now and hasn't lost its shape at all. I also bought the sheets to go with the bed and they are so soft, better then any 1000 thread count I've had in the past.

25 - 34
All over sleeperMedium
Happy Customer

Sleeping Duck have been fantastic. The customer service has been second to none. I have thoroughly enjoyed my new bed base and mattress but after a few months, I started to question if the "medium" was actually too soft for me as I started to get a bit of a sore back and hips. I spoke with a team member and expressed my uncertainty at exchanging the medium for a firm insert because I LOVE to feel of the medium, but waking up sore was nagging at me. To my delight, they simply sent me a firm insert at no cost and encouraged me to keep the medium and see how I go. You can't ask for more than that! Thank you Sleeping Duck.

25 - 34
Side sleeperMedium
Great product, would highly recommend!

Such an easy shopping and delivery experience, very refreshing after traipsing around mattress stores. Very easy to unpack and set up, my husband and I both love it!

25 - 34
Front sleeperMedium

This is hands down the best mattress I have ever owned!!! I didn’t realise how much of a difference it had made in my life until I slept away from home and endured the worst nights sleep I’ve had since my comfy duck made its way in to my bedroom. This is one lover that won’t be leaving my bedroom!!!!!

25 - 34
Side sleeper
One of the best mattresses we've brought

This mattress has been the best mattress we've brought. We brought a 5k one only 2 years ago & we've been through 3 since then with issues involving dipping/sagging to hard & to soft!!! But by far my favourite thing is the versatility that we can swap up firmness when ever we feel like it 👌 won't be buying any other mattresses again & we'll be getting 2 more for our kids very soon!!

25 - 34
Side sleeper