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Sleeping Duck Is A Surprise For Those Looking For Comfort And No Hype.

I cannot believe a bed in a box is something first of all, second, I cannot understand how a company like Sleeping Duck can produce a more superior product than most retail stores, when one is searching for a bed with all the hassle we have to deal with, all over the bed retail spectrum, it actually is as easy as contacting Sleeping Duck for a surprising and amazing outcome.

My experience after checking out ALL the reviews was unregrettable; I found the service to be amazingly personable and very helpful. Purchasing through this company is RISK FREE for 100 days. I thought, what the hey give it a go, the worst that can happen is I am not satisfied and back to the company it goes, full refund and no issue.

Happy to report that the bed is B----y Comfy even though I did query a niggle in my back with the medium selection for my half of the bed, of which I was offered the Firm option to try, free of charge and delivered to our home as well.

I am none the less so satisfied with our bed buy from these guys as we did not need to front up to a store testing dozens of beds, dealing with staff who may or may not know what they are recommending is actually what you need plus the fact those beds are usually terribly over priced and do not come with the warranty that Sleeping Duck offers.

(With our last bed buy, we had experienced over 10 years of thinking there must be something wrong with us as this was a bed from a so called reputable back dealing establishment with only a 1 year warranty, yet all of those years we were experiencing numb spots, pains in our BACKS! of all things and poor nights of sleep.)

Back to Sleeping Duck, Hubby and I also, after a few days trial, decided to purchase the Bed Base from them as well and it has made my life in particular worth living again because our Neato Botvac, Sadie, actually can clean under the bed due to the slightly higher base, YAYYY No more moving beds!

About time buying a bed is a whole lot easier and less mind bendingly confusing than from stores that claim nonsense of which we all fall for but needn't.

Our personal opinion is we have never had a bed in all of our 50 plus years that is as comfortable as this and would highly recommend to any who are tired of the hard bed search to give Sleeping Duck a go.

What have you got to lose?

55 - 64
Side sleeperHalf-half
Absolutely fantastic!

Seriously struggle to get up in the morning, this mattress is so comfortable. We went for the medium and it is so good. Now hitting the snooze button too many times!

45 - 54
Side sleeperMedium
Great sleep

Great mattress. Good bye shoulder pains. Super comfortable. Would get another one for my kids.

Peng Ling
35 - 44
All over sleeperHalf-half
Very comfortable.

Very comfortable - couldn't work out how a bed in a box could work, but very pleasantly surprised at the support and comfort it gives.

55 - 64
All over sleeperMedium
HIghly recommended.

Very good support (my partner has back issues). A little on the warm side, waiting to see how we go when summer arrives in the tropics.

45 - 54
Side sleeperMedium
Very good

My only complaint is that the king single bed is so heavy I can't move it e.g need to move it out from the wall to make the bed.

65 - 74
Side sleeperMedium
Great customer service

My partner and myself are two different people I like a soft mattress and she likes a hard mattress so we ordered a half half from Sleeping Duck one side was firm the other side was medium and we found firm is not hard enough and medium is not soft enough so we contacted customer service and they sent out a soft and a extra firm piece of and we added it to the bed with the other two pieces and we will quite happy with the results the main reason I chose this mattress over the other cheaper ones because of the customer service and because you can modify it so I would highly recommend this bed to anybody

35 - 44
Side sleeper
Extremely comfortable but chemical odour

Great comfort from the extra firm mattress however we cannot stand the chemical smell

35 - 44
Side sleeper
No more waking up like a zombie ;)

No more waking up like a zombie ;) Great product, you would not regret.

35 - 44
Side sleeperMedium
100% satisfied

I had Sleeping duck recommended to me and now I recommend to everybody. I hate getting out of bed..... I am in love with my Sleeping duck so is my kitty kat.

45 - 54
All over sleeperMedium