Sleeping Duck Lite

The perfect mix of out of this world comfort and excellent value.

Size: 200 x 150 x 24cm, 30kg
UK single
UK double
EU double
UK king
EU king
UK super king

Unbelievable comfort

The most comfortable foam only mattress on the market. The Sleeping Duck Lite utilises a 3 layer design where the middle layer transitions the amazingly comfortable and pressure relieving top layer into a firm and supportive base. We would rate the firmness 6.5/10 overall
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The most breathable memory foam there is

Unlike traditional memory foam, our memory foam has been specially formulated so that it won't react to temperature changes. Which really means, you'll be able to breathe and enjoy the coolest sleep of your life.
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Zero disturbance technology

By design, foam ensures you'll not be bothered by any of your partner's tossing or turning.

Tech specs

Breathable cover

Our zip off cover is highly durable and easy to clean.

Pressure relief layer

Our top layer is made from a specially formulated memory foam layer. It gives very slightly and will relieve your pressure points, but it won't soften further when it's heated or get firmer when it's cooled. This makes sure that unlike traditional memory foam, you won't get that dreaded "stuck in the mud" feeling. It also makes it cooler to sleep on.

Buoyant transition layer

A soft yet buoyant layer which behaves like latex and creates the feeling of sleeping on a cloud. It gives the mattress more bounce and buoyancy, creating a more responsive and livelier feel when you lie down on the mattress.

Zoned support base

A thick layer of high-density foam to make sure your body is properly supported. It utilises a three zone system so that you have extra give for your shoulders and the right level of support for your back and hips.

UK single
190 x 90 x 24cm
UK double
190 x 135 x 24cm
EU double
200 x 140 x 24cm
UK king
200 x 150 x 24cm
EU king
200 x 160 x 24cm
UK super king
200 x 180 x 24cm
Country of origin:
Made in the United Kingdom
10 year warranty
Shipping info:
We offer a UK wide shipping service for all our products. If in stock, items are usually dispatched within 2 business days, after that the delivery usually takes up to 3 business days. Deliveries take place Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.
Shipping costs:
Shipping and returns in the UK are free.

Frequently asked questions

How do returns work?

If within the 100 night trial you aren't completely satisfied with your mattress we do offer a return and refund.

You'll need to get in touch, complete an online form and we'll then pass your details onto a local charity or recycler who will contact you directly to organise pickup. After the pickup is confirmed, we'll refund your money.

We only ask that you give the mattress a minimum of 21 nights before making a decision of returning, as it does take the body a few weeks to adjust to a new mattress.

What bed base should I use with my Sleeping Duck mattress?
Slatted bed base

A slatted base with no more than 8cm gaps between each slat is ideal. The base should not bow under the weight of the mattress and user(s).

Firm flat surface

Any firm flat and continuous surface is great for the mattress. The floor is a good example of this.
Ensembles and sprung bases do not work well as they don't provide continuous support for our spring system.

How should I care for my Sleeping Duck mattress?

Our bamboo topper can be spot cleaned (with warm soapy water, remember to dry it out completely afterwards).

Mattress rotation

We recommend rotating your mattress once a month for the first 4-6 months, and then just a few times a year from then on.

Made local

In designing all our foams we partnered with a UK based chemical engineering and manufacturing plant to make sure we were able to achieve the most unique product on the market. It also means we get to sleep on the job a lot. You know, for the sake of the product. So we all win here.

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