Sleeping Duck mattress

Made in the UK. Our award-winning modular mattress is a hybrid design. Incorporating both foam and springs to ensure you sleep happy.

Size: 200 x 150 x 31cm, 48kg
UK single
EU single
UK double
EU double
UK king
EU king
UK super king

Firmness options


Are you a side sleeper? Do you need a little more give in the bedroom? Our medium mattress is designed to sink slightly, without losing lumbar support. You'll wake up feeling cozy and safe: well rested and well nested.

More give for your
shoulders and hips
Firmer support for
your lower back


Do you sleep mostly on your back? Do you suffer from mild back pain? Our firm mattress has less give so you won't sink as much, which our research recommends for those of us with back issues. Get ready for a pain free morning.

Customise during
your 100 nights

Depending on how you are sleeping you can change the firmness of the entire mattress.

We recommend waiting at least 21 days as the mattress will conform to you and you to the mattress.

If you are having issues after the initial period we can make the mattress firmer or softer depending on your needs.

If you are happy and your partner wants a change, we can even customise each half of the mattress. This only occurs after the initial 3 week period.

This is all free of charge during your 100 nights!

100 nights,
no obligation.

You are unique and we know that you require a simple yet unique sleeping solution. Initially we ask you only to choose a firmness. Only once you sleep on it will you know what changes need to be made to obtain that perfect nights rest.

Free shipping
Free returns
Free customisation
All within your first 100 nights

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