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Top ten funny sleep ecards

We take sleep seriously at Sleeping Duck, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love a bit of bedroom humour.

So we’ve rounded up our favourite sleep ecards for your reading pleasure.

No truer words have been spoken.

someecards.com - I've reached the age where Happy Hour is a nap

someecards.com - I don't know why stores think that summer holidays make me want to buy mattresses.

someecards.com - Here is a list of your Facebook friends who want to know when you're awake, and when you go to sleep.

someecards.com - I love watching you sleep, because it means you're not talking.

someecards.com -

someecards.com - My side of the bed is all of the sides.

someecards.com - Turkey doesn't make me sleepy, dear. It's definitely your family.

someecards.com - Sorry you wasted the extra hour of daylight savings trying to figure out if you gained an hour

someecards.com - I have a sleeping disorder. It's called children.