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In store or online? That is the question

These days you can find nearly anything online. Clothes, groceries even a new partner.


Yet when most people think of online shopping, a mattress doesn't usually spring to mind.

As an online company, that was one of our biggest considerations when we started Sleeping Duck.

Of course, before we started SD, we had purchased our mattresses the regular way. And like regular customers, we were confused by the jargon, the seemingly same mattress marketed and priced differently, and of course the heavy markups.

But despite the drawbacks and the I-want-to-rip-my-hair-out feeling that's synonymous with mattress shopping, the bricks and mortar store could always rely on one crucial point: Consumers want to – need to – feel a mattress before buying. Purchasing a mattress you've never laid down? Unthinkable!

Choosing a mattress after testing it for 15 minutes provides peace of mind and clarity in the moment, but for us it's really almost as good as never having touched it. Without sleeping on a mattress for a significant period of time, it's difficult to know if it's ‘right' for you.

As a purely online retailer, we needed to (and continue to) work hard to replicate this try before you buy mentality and is why we introduced the 60 day money back guarantee.

What are your thoughts about shopping for a mattress in store and online? We'd love to hear from you!