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Want to know how the Sleeping Duck mattress compares to its competitors?

The below information will explain how we differ to foam mattresses.

The below information will explain how we differ to foam mattresses.


The mattress that is right for you will mould to your body. Everyone is different, so you’ll have to decide if a soft, medium, or firm mattress gives you the best combination of support and comfort.

Sleeping Duck

We appreciate that everyone is different so initially you can choose from our medium or firm mattress. Over the course of your 100 night trial you can change the firmness of your mattress depending on the way you are sleeping (we’re also able to customise the firmness of the mattress based on your needs). All these firmnesses can be adjusted with just the pull of a zip.


Foam mattresses feel very comfortable initially. The squishier the mattress the better it feels when you first jump in. However, through the night and over longer periods of time this can be detrimental. A comfortable sleep is different for each individual depending on their body type, preferences and weight, just to name a few. It is almost impossible to create a single firmness/ comfort mattress that suits all.


It's important that your mattress is supportive of your whole body and all the pressure variations that lying down exerts on your mattress of choice. A good mattress does this by distributing your body weight evenly.

Sleeping Duck

Pocket Springs are far more resilient and provide the better support over a longer period of time. They’re specifically designed to ease the human body to relaxation and relieve pressure points by varying the distribution of weight throughout the entire surface. Sleeping Duck has a 5 Zone Support structure to make sure every part of our mattress is wonderfully comfortable


Foam mattresses can initially provide you with good support, however foam mattresses don’t accommodate for the varying degrees of pressure that a human body exerts on a mattress in the same way that pocket spring zones do. So support and comfort levels decrease quickly.


Temperature plays a vital role in sleep. The human body has been conditioned to recognise that a drop in temperature signals the end of the day and it’s time for bed.

Sleeping Duck

Our modular mattress is a hybrid design (foam + springs). By design we have incorporated extra elements to our foams to ensure a cool night’s sleep. This includes pinholes in our latex and open cells in our polyurethane foam. This design prevents heat retention and allows air to circulate more freely, creating a more breathable mattress core.


This is an easy one. Foam mattresses are by far the warmest of all mattresses, hybrid mattress come in second, and spring only mattresses are the coolest. Foam is dense and does not allow for circulation of air. Thick layers of foam act as an impenetrable barrier next your skin and cause all your heat and sweat to remain right there next to your body.


We spend a third of our lives in bed. So the length of a mattress useful life, that is, how long it maintains at least some of its original comfort and support is important.

Sleeping Duck

Our springs keep their resilience over time ensuring the comfort of the mattress stays strong. Along with our quality foam layers, tested for 10 years of sleep, you can rest assured your mattress will stay in excellent shape for many years.


Contrary to common belief, foam actually gets firmer over time. As the foam loses its resiliency it compresses and becomes more dense. Losing comfort and support.

Edge Support

Edge support reduces the 'roll out of bed' feeling and solidifies the structural integrity of the entire sleeping surface.

Sleeping Duck

Our edge support has been reinforced with heavier gauge coil springs. The thicker coils mean more support from edge to edge, corner to corner, without experiencing reduced comfort.


Many users of foam mattresses complain that the edges of a foam mattress are inadequate for sleeping or even sitting on. Foam mattress edge support will usually consist of added artificial hardening agents along the edges of the foam for added support.

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