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Bed Base only


A mattress on top of the Baker SD Indestruct Bed Base in European Ash, next to  a stack of books, a mug, and flowers in a minimalist vase.
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The Bed Base

For those looking to experience the unparalleled benefits of the Indestuct Steel Core Support System while ensuring the current aesthetic of their bedroom is kept perfectly intact.

The SD Bed Indestruct Steel Core Support System Frame.

The SD Bed Indestruct Steel Core Support System Frame.

Support where you need it the most.

Two extra-strong central beams are critical in providing any bed frame with uniform surface support - allowing the springs to function optimally from a solid foundation in order to prevent back damaging mattress sag. And so the SD Indestruct Bed is fitted with Dual 'C-Spine Support Beams' made from Q235 Steel, each of which is supported by a centrally placed M39 bolt leg.

In addition, the system is clad with Uniform Distribution Air Support Panels (UDASPs), which are fixed directly onto the frame with several countersunk screws, for a perfectly uniform distribution of load across the bed's surface.

This system is the backbone of the bed, giving it unparalleled strength and the ability to withstand sagging for its entire lifetime.

The heart of the
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The Dual C-Spine Support Beams have been carefully engineered to deliver the ultimate support to the sleeper's body.

Not just pretty. Introducing dual C-Spine support beams.

Most bed frames are built from decorative timbers, and these same non-structural timbers are used inside the frame too. Most also provide just one central beam in the middle of the bed - leading to mattress sag, body aches and poor spine health.

Not anymore. The Indestruct bed prioritises complete body support, and features dual steel Central Spine support beams for extreme support delivery directly where it’s needed most - beneath each sleeper.

Feels like the first night. Forever. Thanks to the solid steel frame inside.

Underneath the decorative finish, the Indestruct Steel Core Support System is a completely different beast, built from 50kg of structural grade solid steel, and engineered with industrial grade joinery for the ultimate support and durability. This frame could support several tonnes of weight and is built to resist sagging, no matter what you throw at it. Literally.

No more squeaky, broken parts. Solid steel adjustable legs.

Made from solid steel, these legs are the strongest you will find on any bed frame. Owing to the thick M39 Bolts that integrate them structurally into the steel frame, the legs provide incredibly robust support, and will not break or bend when applying pushing forces to the bed. The solid lock assembly also means they will not shake or squeak. Legs are finished in either plated metal (Nickel or Chromium) or in FSC certified timber (Oak or Walnut) casings.

Designed for easy assembly at home. Or let us do it for you. image

Designed for easy assembly at home. Or let us do it for you.

It may be the most solid bed frame you’ve ever seen, but rest assured, it’s designed for easy assembly. Set it up quickly with a helping hand from a friend, or opt in for our Premium Plus Delivery service (available in selected areas) and we’ll do it for you

Not a throwaway frame. Built from the best materials. And built to last. image

Not a throwaway frame. Built from the best materials. And built to last.

Built from only the highest quality parts, severa­l of the Indestruct frame’s parts are custom made for purpose. Every component has been selected to deliver the ultimate performance. This is a no compromise bed frame, built with true love, that will never let you down. It’s designed to feel as solid as it did on the first night, several years later.­­­


What is the warranty for the SD Indestruct Bed?

Our SD Indestruct Bed comes with a lifetime warranty on the Indestruct Steel Core Support System components and a 10 year warranty on all exterior components (headboard / side panels). This provides ample time to discover any issues that may be the result of production error. This should not be confused with the lifespan of a product.

Our warranties are non-transferrable, and do not cover the following:

  • Damage from incorrectly dragging or shifting the bed
  • Damage caused by improper installation or misuse
  • Damage by natural disasters such as flooding, hurricanes, or bushfires
  • General wear and tear, such as stains, marks, or scuffs
  • Changes in firmness preference

In order to investigate a warranty claim, Sleeping Duck will require photos of the issue at hand. Please note that warranty fixes will not return the SD Indestruct Bed to the same condition it was brand new, but will return it to a condition that is suitable for the time used since purchase.

If you have any questions or concerns about your SD Indestruct Bed get in touch with us at SDHQ! We're here to help.

Does the SD Indestruct Bed come with a 100 Night Guarantee?

We don’t include our SD Indestruct Bed as part of our guarantee range as it doesn’t require testing or adjusting. That being said, our SD Indestruct Bed also comes with a lifetime warranty on the Indestruct Steel Core Support System and a 10 year warranty on aesthetic finishes to keep you covered in the event of any manufacturing defects.

If you receive your SD Indestruct Bed and change your mind, you can return these products within 14 days of delivery provided they are unopened and all original packaging is intact.

Do you offer any customisations for the SD Indestruct Bed?

Our SD Indestruct Bed is currently available in the finishes as pictured on our website. If you are interested in a combination of finishes that is not currently available, please contact us at SDHQ.

Keep in mind that you do not necessarily need to purchase our bases or frames if it does not suit your aesthetic. You just need to ensure any base you are considering meets our mattress warranty requirements.

Where can you deliver the SD Indestruct Bed?

Due to the size and weight of the SD Indestruct Bed components there are some limitations to where we can deliver and the delivery services available for each range.

Our Baker and Boyd ranges are available in all our standard metropolitan delivery areas. Our Haussman, Palais and Seaspray ranges are only available in our Premium delivery areas.

To find out more about where these services are offered, head to our delivery FAQs here.