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Sleep position

It’s okay

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Side sleeper
Sight unseen .

I never Buy anything without seeing it first , I don't always believe what other people say when they are out selling a product . Or was it the promise of returning it if it did not work for me , well I will not know if you would refund me because I'm keeping it . Just sometimes you have to TRUST in people.

After 42 years on a water bed I didn't think I would find anything that works for me straight away I don't remember anything from the time I go to sleep till I wake up , as a matter of fact if I'm in bed for more than 5 hours I ache and have to get out , now I sleep for 6 to 7 hours wake then roll over and go back to sleep The Duck has made me something I'm not use too .

55 - 64
Side sleeperFirm
Zero partner disturbance.

Zero partner disturbance. I sleep with my husband AND a 40kg dog and i never feel either of them moving or getting in and out of bed!

No more shoulder or lower back pain since getting our Sleeping Duck.

Very comfortable mattress, we'll see how it feels after a few years!

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Side sleeperHalf-half

Me and my partner both have back pain Especially at night , but after trying sleeping duck we don’t experience any back pains at night. So far the best mattress.

Thank you

25 - 34
Side sleeper
Great Service and Comfort

Loved the service from the initial discussions at the Sleeping Duck office to the follow up with the various levels of firmness. After initial decision to have a firm mattress and after the 3 weeks we opted for the extra firm. We have had no regrets since switching the mattress to this level of firmness. We get a great nights sleep.

The service cannot be faulted. Thank you Sleeping Duck

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Side sleeper
it's okay

If I lie too long on the one side my shoulders gets sore. Very cosy when lying on my back. I do get very hot but don't how much is the bed and how my bloody hormones!

55 - 64
Side sleeperMedium
So comfortable

I have had fantastic service from Sleeping Duck , and I love love my new matress. Great support has improved my sleep .

45 - 54
Side sleeper
Best mattress I've ever had

We customised our mattress. I like firm and my partner likes medium. We both got our needs met and we couldn't be happier. This is an awesome mattress

45 - 54
Side sleeperHalf-half

I purchased the Sleeping Duck mattress over the others as they gave me a chance to try it out and change the firmness if I wasn’t happy. I did end up changing from medium to firm without any problem. In fact, their customer service is second to none as well as their delivery times. Well done guys!

55 - 64
Side sleeper
wake up without aches and pains

very comfortable just find bit hot, but Oh so much better. The Company very helpful.

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Side sleeper