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Happy with this mattress


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Our new sleeping duck mattress 10 out of 10

We had a latex mattress for 5-6 years but for the last couple of years the mattress was dipping badly and we were have trouble getting a good nights sleep not to mention the back problems that were developing because we were sleeping in a dip but now with our new sleeping duck mattress this has all turned around and providing down the track this mattress doesn't start dipping we will be very happy customers

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Side sleeper
Excellent service and great bed!

I bought the firm mattress, and it felt a bit soft for me. After a while it still felt too soft, and the staff has recommended me to get extra firm mattress. It was sent to me promptly free of charge, and I took out the second layer, replaced it with the extra firm and put the original top layer back on top.

The bed has become my perfect mattress! Thank you!

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Love it

I love the bed. My sheet for double bed is a bit too big so I am sleeping on wrinkles but I can live with that. Thank you.

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Side sleeperMedium

Bed is comfortable, Ideal firmness to my liking.

Mattress is very heavy. My only difficulty is lifting the mattress to "tuck-in" sheets and blankets.

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Me and Sleeping Duck

At 84 YO I am a bit difficult to please and when my 30 YO mattress failed me I spent weeks agonising on what to buy it seemed a new version of the old was a safe bet but I decided in the internet age to surf the net and google and choice to see what was available, confusion reigned supreme!

I read carefully and finally came up with Sleeping Duck as being the best value for money and the guarantee of full refund or replacement of type was too good to pass up.

So the parcel arrived and mattress blossomed, the base was a bit of a tour de force for a 84 YO but we made it it just needed time.

Test night was successful certainly better than what it replaced, after 30 days or so I decided that I should have sought the softer version for my side of the bed and called Sleeping Duck, No problem, a replacement arrived post haste. Then I found the original wasn't so bad after all so Have postponed the change over but will consider the option as I go.

All things considered we are very happy with our choice , the transition was seamless and comfort is most enjoyable, we would recommend the product not only for its price but satisfaction. Many thanks to Sleeping Duck with a little help from Choice. Your offers seemed too good to be true initially but you haver come up trumps.

with thanks,


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Best Buy I have ever made

Like sleeping on a cloud. Absolutely love it an so does my husband. Would recommend to anyone

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Very happy

My mattress was old and I didn’t realise it was uncomfortable until I got my new mattress. This one is warm and very comfortable. My back and hip are much better too. Great mattress.

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Side sleeperMedium
Enjoyable and getting used to different feel.

It took a little time to adjust but am now quite happy

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Very comfy

Excellent delivery service

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