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Sleep position

Our Sleeping Duck mattress is truely a delight to lay on. We’re both sleeping so much better and the only time we stir is when Mother Nature calls or when it’s time to rise for the day.

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Fabulous comfortable from the very first night no having to get used to it. After using for a few weeks on the medium insert we decided to try the soft infill. The level of service and efficiency we received was amazing. Would definitely highly recommend to buy this mattress.

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Five stars

Excellent ordering, delivery and the product. Will highly recommend both mattress and the company.

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Queen of Beds!

Great Bed , incredible service!

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Very comfortable but don't try to make it by yourself.

At my age I have lived with a number of mattresses and the Sleeping Duck is up there with the most comfortable we have ever had.

But it is so heavy my wife can't make it.

Just trying to fit the fitted sheet is a real task and I am fit and 185cm.

It is so heavy trying to tuck the top sheet and blanket under this mattress could do your back in.

We have a modern "Slay bed" so the mattress sits about 50mm into the bed and trying to lift this dead weight is just not worth the effort.

We have had to swap it to the spare room it is just beyond us, you don't need this heavy mattress in your life.

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Good bed for reasonable price

I am very happy with Sleeping Duck bed and mattress. In particular I can change the top foam to switch from a hard to a medium support for free. The staff of Sleeping Duck is very friendly and helpful. I also like the 100 days refund if not happy with it. These conditions are very hard to get in these day and age. Thanks Sleeping Duck.

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New mattress

I downsized from a queen bed to a double so therefore needed a new mattress. I actually made a mistake by ordering the Sleeping Duck mattress. My intentions were to order similar to the queen size. When the box arrived I thought oh no I've ordered from the wrong company. I decided to keep it and once my new bed was set up the mattress went on. I left it for a few hours, then made it.

I went to bed that night and oh my gosh, I just loved it. I actually slept all night and I haven't looked back since.

In three words

I love it

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Switch to the Duck

This is a great company to deal with. Excellent Communication and all on schedule. We are thrilled with our mattress and base. A quality affordable bed. Thank you

Bob & Kate
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Best Mattress, Best service!

I was referred to Sleeping Duck by my son, who said "they're not bad" NOT BAD ! well the mattress arrived in the cute little pack, easy to unpack. Wow. simple!!! Then there was the "follow-up. The staff are fabulous, can't do enough for me!! I have been phoned numerous times, to check on how I was going, and when I said that I thought I may need a softer mattress, they sent it to me in a flash. Again so quickly and with such ease. Once again the staff couldn't do enough for me.I can definitely recommend "Sleeping Duck".

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Michael from Torquay.

Excellent service and delivery. Comfortable mattress which would benefit from having handles on the sides of the king size to facilitate easier positioning.

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