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Sleep position
Wife finds it so cold in bed

It pretty good, still not sleeping well but the coolness from the mattress is good for me but not my wife who wakes up constantly due to being so cold from the coolness of the mattress, we have tried, underlay etc

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Back sleeper
Pillow feedback

Your pillow is not for side sleepers

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Side sleeper
I don't know what you are asking for in this field

Comfortable but hot.

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Side sleeperMedium
Not for us

We find it too hot and very heavy to lift corners when making the bed

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Side sleeperFirm
Sleeping Duck Double-Bed Mattress - why discriminate against little people?

My wife and I like the infrequent mattress turns that Sleeping Duck requires, and the pocketed springs so we don't disturb each other's sleep.

However we bought the double-bed size as it is ample for our small physical stature, but I need a soft foam to avoid shoulder and hip muscle ache, and she needs a firm foam for support, yet we are disappointed that split foams are only available for queen size and larger which we don't need. So we suffer with the standard medium foam while we shop around and decide whether to hand the mattress back.

I would give Sleeping Duck a higher score if they make split foams available for double-bed sizes too.

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Side sleeperMedium

Previous mattress was $6500 and causing a lot of discomfort during the night and when getting up in the mornings. The Sleeping Duck mattress is a lot more comfortable and has alleviated the discomfort and morning aches and pains. One issue is, however, the side gussets of our sheets are too short and tend to slide up the mattress each night after being put back in place and cause sheet wrinkles across the bed. They are not Sleeping Duck sheets. Are the Sleeping Duck sheets wider on the sides to accommodate the thickness of the mattress and a mattress protector?

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All over sleeperMedium
Hmmm I Expected More...

I thought from all the 5 start reviews that this mattress would be a game changer but I can't honestly say that, it's ok and better than our old one but certainly not 5 star, maybe 3.5 stars.

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Back sleeperHalf-half
Not as great as adverts make you believe

I was so looking forward to sleeping on our new mattress, but after a few weeks of trying it turned out to be kind of average. No WOW moments or waking up thinking that was the best sleep ever. We bought a king size customised half/half version, medium firm and firm to match our sleeping styles. However one thing they miss addressing the assumption that partners STAY on their side of the bed.all night long. This is not the case for us’ where we like to roll over and spoon or cuddle up closely. If this is you as well I wouldn’t recommend getting half /half version of the mattress

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All over sleeperHalf-half

My husband loves the mattress however I am sleeping hot. We have used a cotton mattress protector but this has not made much of a difference. The mattress is comfortable but I often find that I wake feeling like I’m in a furnace.

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Side sleeperMedium

Mattress is dipping when my partner is in bed. He is 25kgs heavier.

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All over sleeperFirm