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Sleep position

Awesome mattress so much better than our previous which was double the price of our new sleeping duck

25 - 34
All over sleeperHalf-half
Great bed, great service.

I’ve never been a good sleeper and the sleeping duct has made little difference to my situation ( not the beds fault) however I do not wake up with a painful back neck or shoulders, my partner on the other hand sleeps well and We both love the bed.

The sleeping duck is a fantastic bed and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase, delivery was as promised and their after sales service in supplying a different foam, and there follow ups was second to none.

65 - 74
All over sleeper
Sleeping duck.....sleeping good

Sleeping a heap better now with the new mattress. Still kind of early days but so far so good. Very comfy, not too hot and not too cold. Now I have addressed one issue I can now address the snoring part. Then happy days.

45 - 54
All over sleeperHalf-half

I’m so happy I finally made the decision to switch to a sleeping duck mattress. This mattress is amazing 10/10 👌

45 - 54
All over sleeperMedium
Don't wait... get one today!!

We were waiting until we finish building our new house to get a new mattress, but we were both having aches and pains when we woke up and never felt refreshed. We purchased a Sleeping Duck and can't believe the difference it's made to our sleep. Absolutely 10/10.

35 - 44
All over sleeper
Professional retailer with belief in its product.

Great products should sell themselves but the commitment to a new mattress is no small decision. Agreat and professional selling team is required and that is Sleeping Duck!

55 - 64
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5 stars

When we received the Sleeping Duck "in a box" I didn't know what to think apart from I've been ripped off. Amazing when you open the box and the Mattress comes to life my wife and I love the Sleeping Duck thanks again.

55 - 64
All over sleeperMedium
5 stars recommend to anyone

Love it, great nights sleep and no waking up sore, thanks Sleeping Duck

45 - 54
All over sleeperMedium
Rest Easy, It's All Good

You do have to earn the rewards of owning a Sleeping Duck mattress.After some research and chatting to the Sleeping Duck Sales Team. I took the plunge. With new bed-frame and mattress affixed I set about the task of a nightly sleep. I woke up in pain, on the first morning. Then The body pain increased with each sleep for four nights. By day eight, the pain had totally gone and in it's place was an increasingly great night sleep. So, it must have been re-alignment of the skeleton/ musculature.

Sleeping Duck makes a good product sold at a fair price by well trained and polite staff, so you can rest easy, it's all good!

65 - 74
All over sleeperMedium
Best mattress ever

I extensively reviewed all sorts of mattresses from all different shops. I also reviewed their feedback.

We decided to buy a sleeping duck matress. Their reviews were excellent.

Weve had mattress for 6 weeks & started off with medium firmness. After a couple of weeks we found we needed a bit more firmness. SD didnt hesitate to send us out the firmer inserts.

The mattress is like sleeping on a cloud it is so comfortable. We have never slept so comfortable & cool.

Every mattress weve owned made me so hot like sleeping in a furnace. This mattress is wonderful. I highly reccommend the 🦆🦆 mattress

45 - 54
All over sleeper