Average Rating 4.82 out of 1227 Reviews
4.8/5 (1200+)
Sleep position

Great service and product

55 - 64
Side sleeper
Nearly Great

Instead of a medium - I should have gone to a firm mattress - However there is no way to check the difference - The woes of online shopping

55 - 64
Side sleeperMedium
Good nights sleep

High quality at a very reasonable price

55 - 64
All over sleeper
Significant improvement on our previous mattress

Happy with the Sleeping Duck mattress, particularly the ability to unzip and adjust it if necessary. Foam appears to be reasonably resilient so far. I think the support has reduced slightly since it was new. From my wife's perspective, she found the medium was not firm enough, and the firm was too firm, something in between would be better. Overall happy with the mattress so far, need to see how well it lasts.

55 - 64
Side sleeper
Excellent comfort and excellent service

I found the enquirer day ordering process very straightforward. There was a delivery miscommunication (which was entirely my fault) and the delivery guy as very proactive in sorting it out. My husband has found the firm really helpful for his back and I have had no problems with the medium.

55 - 64
Side sleeperHalf-half
Still not sure

My husband and I have different opinions about our sleeping duck mattress, I love it, he's not sure. He is slowly getting used to it but it is taking some time. He is a poor sleeper who suffers with restless legs. I feel his restless legs have settled a bit since sleeping duck, but he stills struggle to stay asleep at night.

55 - 64
Side sleeperMedium
I would rate you as 4 stars thus far

To begin with we did not use the new mattress as it was necessary to air out the foam due to the smell which took 2-3 weeks

My wife is particularly sensitive. We have been sleeping on the bed for around the past 4 weeks but have also been away from the house over the Christmas break

All in all a bit early to be decisive, but it does appear to be an improvement over previous mattress

55 - 64
Side sleeperMedium
KP review

Good value

55 - 64
Side sleeper
Much improved comfort

Mattress is a big improvement from our previous latex/memory foam hybrid

55 - 64
All over sleeperMedium

The mattress seems to be losing its firmness on the side I sleep on after only a few months so I'm concerned that it will only get worse after a year. The sleeping duck pillows are too low for me and causing neck and shoulder issues. I sleep fine on the mattress but wake up with neck and shoulder pain.

55 - 64