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4.8/5 (2500+)
Sleep position

Me and my partner both have back pain Especially at night , but after trying sleeping duck we don’t experience any back pains at night. So far the best mattress.

Thank you

25 - 34
Side sleeper
Great mattress

Fast delivery. Great price. Easy to unpack. Great comfort. Not too soft or hard. And not too hot. Love it

25 - 34
All over sleeperMedium

Just bloody love it. It actually lives up to the reviews. It’s true, it’s just really good.

25 - 34
All over sleeperMedium
A Truly Excellent Mattress

I have a rare brain condition caused by a rare genetic condition, both of which mean a lot of pain for me in general. Before I got this mattress, I woke up every single morning for the past ten years with my neck in agony, but since the first night sleeping on my new mattress, I haven't woken up with a sore neck! I can't begin to explain how incredible that is for me, at my young 26 years of age. It hasn't (and won't) cure all my ails, but it sure has gone a long way to helping me sleep and feel more comfortable in bed.

The only minor issue is that this mattress is INCREDIBLY heavy, so be prepared for that, and it is also very thick/high, which means you'll have to buy new sheets (super queen worked for my queen) which I wish I'd known beforehand. Also, read the warranty conditions carefully - you have to have a very specific bed frame or the warranty is void, but I found getting a new bed frame helped with my comfort anyway.

Otherwise - get it, you will not regret it!

25 - 34
Side sleeperMedium
Money well spent, best thing we ever did

Sleeping duck was money well spent. The price was reasonable and a very affordable mattress.

We had been having terrible night sleep, but now with sleeping duck we are sleeping like a well fed baby! We absolutely love it and it’s hard to get us out of it on the weekends! We started with the firm mattress and have now changed to the soft and are no longer waking up with sore necks and backs. We love it!!!

25 - 34
All over sleeper
Can't believe I didn't purchase a Sleeping Duck sooner

For months (possibly years) I continued to accept the sore back and discomfort I was waking up with, or continuing to feel tired even though I was sleeping for the recommended hours. After comparing online mattress companies, I took the leap and ordered my Sleeping Duck and since then my entire sleep experience has dramatically improved. I switched from the medium to firm after about a month and it has only gotten better. I recommend Sleeping Duck to literally everyone I speak to about it and I am so pleased with this purchase.

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Back sleeper
Great mattress

Great mattress

25 - 34
All over sleeperMedium
A great sleep at a great price

We moved back to Oz after two years in the UK And needed a bed. Saw the choice reviews and they weren’t wrong. It’s absolutely great and the service has been quick and amazing.

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Front sleeper

Very happy, got the firm matress, took a few weeks to get used to it, which i think is normal. But my wife and i look forward to many more good night sleeps in our sleeping duck!

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All over sleeperFirm
Good sleep

It gaves good support on lower back.

I can breath easily and fell sleep quickly.

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Back sleeperHalf-half