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Average Rating 4.81 out of 341 Reviews
4.8/5 (1200+)
90% (150+)
Sleep position
good mattress

good quality mattress very comfy.

18 - 24
All over sleeperMedium
I love getting into my bed!

Nothing like coming home from night shift and hopping into my Sleeping Duck...bliss!

18 - 24
Side sleeperMedium
Can’t beat

Feels like sleeping on a hotel bed, only better!

18 - 24
Front sleeperMedium
Great mattress

My queen sized sleeping duck mattress is very comfortable and spacious. The only downside was the awful chemical like smell which came out of it for about 10 days after receiving it. I couldn’t sleep on it for almost two weeks as the smell made me feel extremely ill. After the smell finally dissipated, I found that the mattress was great to sleep on.

18 - 24
Side sleeperMedium
Couldn't ask for more

We received a medium firm mattress a week after our purchase, and couldn't be happier! My partner is a back sleeper and I'm a side sleeper, and the firmness is just perfect. Would recommend it to any friend or family.

18 - 24
Side sleeperMedium
Quite comfortable

Very comfortable out of the box. I got the 'firm' mattress which was great. Has softened a little after a month which is a bit disappointing but I guess expected. Would be great if the mattress was a bit firmer. All in all though, a great product! Cheers!

18 - 24
Side sleeperFirm
Love my duck

Best sleep ever...simple as that. My only gripe....why dont you make Super King Size too????

18 - 24
Side sleeperMedium
Great mattress and service

Simple process from beginning to end. Easy set up and even a check up call from one of the team members. Such a comfy mattress. Started off with the medium firmness and when I found it to be too soft, called and a slightly firmer was delivered for free within the next few days. Highly recommended.

18 - 24
Side sleeperMedium
My two little boys are set up until they're adults!

I bought the medium form king single mattresses for my two kids aged 5&6, these mattresses are solid, thick, warm, comfy inventions that I hope will last them till they are adults. The mattresses aren't cheap but I took a punt based on the online reviews (and their 100 day money back promise) and I am very happy. Mattresses are an investment in health and they're also a pain to dispose of so I wanted a mattress to last. Also very much love the compressed box they get delivered in as it's so much easier to position the mattress in the room before opening!

18 - 24
All over sleeperFirm
One of the best decisions I ever made.

My last matters was some cheap clearance mattress that lasted maybe a year and looked and felt like a sack stuffed with metal. The mattress started to give me neck, shoulder and lower back pain as well the second anyone got on the bed with me it dipped so low in the middle it almost hit the ground.

I wad recommended sleeping duck from my best friend and I have to say I owe him and the sleeping duck team a great deal of thanks. After about a fortnight with sleeping duck all aches and pains we're gone and my sleep was more consistent and comfortable. I could go on and on about the miracle of sleeping duck and a few other things its improved (hehe) but I'd be going in ciricles at that point.

Sleeping duck 11/10 give them your money. There mattress are literally life changing that's how good they are. One of the best choices I've made in my life.

18 - 24
Back sleeperFirm