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Thanks Sleeping Duck!

We love our Sleeping Duck bed and mattress!

55 - 64
All over sleeperMedium
Sleep duck mattress

The mattress was great. The experience completely destroyed by the base. The bed based supplies was an absolute piece of crap. Completely incorrect size hardware. Needed to replace and use washers and loctite on every fitting - very poor assembly hardware. Glad I'm a mechanic and made this terrible things work with lots of replacements. Otherwise for a normal "jock", he'd (or she) would be pulling the mattress off every 2 or 3 weeks and tighten or simply living with squeaks, rattles, shakes and eventual failure (especially if your a little oversize like us. An example is that often hole diameter of 10mm with matched with 6 mm bolts and head sizes that were barely retained. If you get a sleeping duck mattress fine, it's lovely. However, do yourself an enormous favor make other arrangements for a quality base. Or hire a good handy man with a good set of bolts, nuts and washers (preferably nyloc locking nuts) and a tube of loctite or another commercial grade nut lock - don't be shy with high tensile hardware and plenty of washers.

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All over sleeperMedium
Don’t want to get out of bed!

Hubby agrees

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All over sleeperMedium
No improvement

I am not faulting the service. The company have followed up and changed the inner foam whenI reported lower back pain. That was not an easy process (as far as swapping it myself at home).

I have had no improvement in the quality of my sleep, despite changing the inner foam when the first attempt left me with lower back pain. This mattress is, like the one before it - extremely heavy (making it difficult to change bed linen) and uncomfortable.

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Side sleeper

I am very comfortable in my bed and wake up refreshed and still comfortable. Dealing with Sleeping Duck was a pleasure. Very accommodating and excellent communication. Thank you.

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All over sleeper
A nice new mattress improving our sleep

Our new Sleeping Duck mattress has significantly improved our sleep, one of its best attributes is for each side of the bed to act as an independent beds, my wife no longer wakes up when I turn over!

45 - 54
Side sleeperFirm
Not sure

I love this mattress when I go to bed, so comfortable, however when I wake up my back aches, my shoulders are sore and I just ache all over. Not sure whether it is me, my pillow or the mattress ☹️

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All over sleeperHalf-half
not happy

not happy with the sinking feeling of this mattress

45 - 54
All over sleeperMedium
not happy at all

i am having back pain (and all over body pain) since i have been using this mattress. we ordered half firm, half medium .... firm was too hard, so we got medium. been sleeping on that and it has exacerbated my back pain 100 %.

55 - 64
Side sleeper
Not enoigch support

Had high hopes but unfortunately each time I have to use the sleeping duck mattress bed I have a disturbed sleep, can’t get comfortable and wake up with a sore back from not enough support. Also have not had the mattress for long and feel like the side that I use the most has already dipped/sagged so that’s it’s lower than the other side. Disappointed.

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All over sleeperFirm