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4th September 2016

When Sleep Is Just a Click Away: The Rise of The Online Mattress

The rise of online mattress retailers has revolutionised an entrenched industry and shaken up the way we all think mattresses should be bought and sold. But just how can you cut through the marketing to find out what’s really going on underneath the sheets?

It wasn’t all that long ago that the idea of buying a mattress online seemed bizarre. When Sleeping Duck launched in January 2014, there were very few online mattress retailers in Australia, and a lot of the marketing we did was around educating people how an online mattress company worked. Lots of people told us it wouldn’t work – that customers want to test a mattress before purchase.

Fast forward just two years and the online mattress market is much more crowded. And while the traditional mattress industry is still gargantuan in comparison, there is a definite shift towards the online space.

Now, we think competition in any industry is great. It encourages innovation, compels businesses to outcompete on service and keeps prices reasonable.

But competition can also lead to more confusion for customers. Particularly when it comes to an industry where – on the surface – every product looks basically the same.

Over the last year or so, the online mattress world has become almost as perplexing as its in-store cousin. The low barriers to entry and ease of marketing through social media has seen a half-dozen new brands enter the space, each offering a mattress delivered in a box, straight to your door.

The result? It’s become hard for consumers to tell the difference between the many online brands. And we understand why.

We’ve noticed many of the same tactics traditional mattress brands use have now appeared in the online space – from technical and super-fancy names dressing up pretty standard materials, to brands promising difference while offering much the same product, just in different packaging.

So how can you tell, as you’re searching the internet for your next mattress, just what’s going to give you a great night’s sleep?

First, we don’t believe there’s one mattress for everyone; we all sleep a little differently, so choice is important. Like it firmer? You should be able to get that. Want it more on the medium side? That should be an option too. And do you and your partner swing both ways? Then, just like with pizza, you shouldn’t have to compromise.

Also keep in mind that each layer of your mattress is just as essential as the next. There’s a reason why most mattresses contain both springs and foam: that’s because you get the benefit of head-to-toe support, with the comfort of memory foam. Based on our research, we know the best night’s sleep come when you have both. So do your research before you click the buy button to find out just what’s gone into your chosen mattress, and ask yourself if it’s going to give you the support and comfort you’re after.

The Sleeping Duck Difference

We started Sleeping Duck because we felt shopping for a mattress was too hard and perplexing. Comparison shopping is a nightmare when you don’t find the same mattress name from store to store, a deliberate ploy by the manufacturers to keep consumers in the dark.

That’s when we decided that we’d be upfront about everything. We tell you exactly what goes into each Sleeping Duck mattress, we have an in-house customer service team whose key job is to educate (not sell), and we post our reviews right on our website (even the not so great ones!). We’re committed to cutting through the hype and helping you get the best night’s sleep possible.

And while we might sell our mattress online, we don’t consider Sleeping Duck an online mattress brand. We started, first and foremost, to develop and manufacture the best mattress we could. Only then did we decide on the how of selling it. We chose the online route because it allowed us to cut out most of the steps that usually go into getting a mattress from the factory to your bedroom. As the manufacturer, retailer and distributor, we were able to deliver the best quality mattress at an unexpected price.

Our mattress is developed based on hundreds of hours of research and development. We looked at the existing technology and materials, gathered feedback and then implemented what we determined was the best. Our combination of pocket springs, gel-infused memory foam, and natural latex sets us apart from just about every other brand out there. And our modular construction – allowing you to switch the firmness of your mattress with a simple pull of the zip – is unique to the market.

We give you 100 nights to sleep on your mattress because we believe it’s essential to fully test something before committing to it for 8-10 years. We guarantee our mattress for 10 years and we follow up with you afterwards so can feel confident in your decision.

And we do this not because it’s a marketing tactic or because that’s what the other guys are doing. We do it because our business is founded on the basis that there’s a better way to sell a mattress. Online or in-store, the goal is to ensure we all go to sleep happy.

For more information on how we’re different to our foam competitors, click here.

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