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26th November 2015

Real Life Haunted Hotels in Australia

Have you been getting into the latest American Horror Story: Hotel? We’re completely hooked.

The series is set in the enigmatic Hotel Cortez, Los Angeles, home to a mysterious group of guests who never seem to leave.

If you’re keen to spend the night in a real-life Hotel Cortez, we’ve found some of Australia’s creepiest haunted hotels. Book a room if you’re brave.

Port Arthur Motor Inn, Tasmania

Usually the scariest thing when staying at a motor inn is the state of the bedspread (do they ever get washed?).

But at the Port Arthur Motor Inn you’ll have to worry about more than just stains on the carpet.

Port Arthur is thought to be one of the most haunted locales in all of Australia – with spooky sightings dating back as far as the late 1800s. As the only hotel located within the grounds of the old penal settlement you’ll be sleeping in the heart of the place that once had a reputation for being ‘hell on earth’.

Q Station, Sydney Harbour National Park, NSW

The Q Station hotel sits within the site of the former Quarantine station overlooking Sydney Harbour. During operation from 14 August 1832 to 29 February 1984, passengers were held there to protect the colony from outbreaks of bubonic plague, Spanish influenza, smallpox, typhus, scarlet fever and yellow fever. Over 500 people died on the site and it’s believed that many of them never left.

Tour groups report seeing the apparitions of patients and staff, including a little girl with pigtails who sometimes leads people along by their hand or hides behind bushes.

Bush Inn, New Norfolk, Tasmania

This historic, 200-year-old English style pub is Australia’s oldest continuously licensed pub. And with a legacy that long there’s sure to be a few skeletons in the closet.

Room six of the Montagu Street hotel is said to be haunted by a small girl who fell down the stairs. The “ghost room” is now furnished with only a small bed and chair, but it’s apparently it’s very popular with guests.

As well as the haunted room, there’s also a hidden tunnel underneath the pub that was used to surreptitiously transport patients from boats on the Derwent River to the Royal Derwent Hospital (originally New Norfolk Insane Asylum).

Russell Hotel, Sydney

This Sydney hotel is apparently haunted by the spirit of a sailor who hangs out in room number eight. Guests report waking up in the middle of the night with the feeling of pressure on their chest, and some women have said they’ve seen a man standing at the end of their bed.

The hotel was once a barracks for sailors, before temporarily becoming a hospital. During renovations, staff said they heard footsteps going up and down the stairs all night “like an army going up and down”.

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